New Look Haul 💝

Guess who went shopping today???? And guess who got things off her wish list???????

I’m actually so so so soooooo excited at all the new things I got today and I couldn’t wait to share them all with you!

Everything I purchased today was from New Look, apart from my bag, which I bought from Evans.

I absolutely adore New Look’s new collection; there’s something for everybody, and my momma loved a lot of the things they had in store today too, which is rare, she normally never things anything that she likes for herself; so we were both pretty pleased with today’s outcome (even though my momma totally took a huge tantrum in the changing rooms and didn’t bother buying anything because of the ungodly heat today haha).


First up on the left is the absolutely stunning grey large check duster coat which is something I’ve been drooling over for a time now. This duster coat looks incredible on, especially paired with a white blouse and tight grey jeans and black ankle boots. This duster coat can be left open (and looks uh-maz-ing!) or it can be buttoned to look extra formal and super cute. It costs just £22.99 and should be coming up on my #WishForItWednesday (But i’m not 100% certain on what’s coming up on that post in all honesty).

Next in the centre is the wonderful grey bat-winged jumper (which is definitely coming up in my #WishForItWednesday lol) with the cowl neck at £17.99. This jumper can be dressed up in faux leather leggings and pointed toe stilettos or dressed down in tight jeans and ballet pumps or ankle boots (i especially love this look tbh).

On the right is my second favourite purchase of today. A little more expensive than the other New Look items at £39.99; but still completely worth the extra dosh. It’s a little small made, so I recommend going for a size bigger than your usual. This jacket is so totally wonderful and can also be dressed up or dressed down. When dressing down you can remove the fur collar and when dressing up you can wear a cute little blouse, jeans and heels. It’s the perfect final topping for any outfit and I’m so super excited to wear it!

Bottom left is one of the more casual items I bought today, but still super cute. It’s a little crop top with ties on either side and cost only £7.99! A sort-of cream colour and super light fabric, it’s the perfect summer item. Looks super cute paired with a pair of high waisted blue stained denim shorts and white sneaker pumps.

Bottom centre is the other causal purchase of today but one of my favourites at a cheerful £12.99. A simple short sleeved boyfriend t-shirt; baggy and cotton material except with wooden rings and tassels at the bottom. Completely boho/hippie and I love it! Like the above item; this is perfect with blue stained denim shorts (or black) and white sneaker pumps.

The striped t-shirt on the bottom right is actually cuter in person that in this picture. It’s very 70’s and my momma actually told me she had a t-shirt just like it when she was younger, and I thought that was fab; especially because the 70’s collection in New Look is exactly what my mom and her sisters had when they were growing up, and I find that pretty amazing if I’m honest. This crop-top is so cute, especially when paired with the Missguided Pinafore Dungaree Dress (OOTD coming super soon) and looks absolutely adorable! The fabric is a little thicker than the others, which is why I recommend wearing this crop-top in the early Autumn days, or on one of the cooler Summer days if you’re brave! It’s definitely a cheap and cheerful buy at only £9.99!

The final New Look item is definitely tying with my favourite (the duster coat of course) and is a treat my momma bought for me. This grey purse is a definite must-have! It has 2 yes TWO picture spaces amongst the card spaces in the front with additional card spaces in the very very spacious change compartment in the back. It totals in at £14.99 and is one of the more expensive purses New Look have to offer, but is most definitely the best! It’s a large purse, yes, but it’s a must-have and definitely my favourite purse of all time. Greys are definitely in this season amongst the Monochrome trend, and I am adoring it!

Last, but certainly not least, is my new bag from Evans.


I immediately fell in love with this bag the second I clapped eyes on it. Yes it was the most expensive purchase of today at a ripe £39.00 but for sure worth every penny!


A gorgeous pale pink shade with the LDYC London logo on the front, this bag is a cross between a brief-case and a super formal hand-bag with two compartments on the front and back for your laptop with a spacious middle zip compartment sandwiched in-between for notebooks, purse etc. What I love as well about this bag is that there’s a shoulder strap (which isn’t huge and is non-adjustable) and three inside compartments; one large pouch, one mobile-phone pouch, and an opposing zip-pouch. I cannot wait to get back to uni to flash this amazing bag off to everyone. It’s bound to make friends, family, colleagues drool with envy; I definitely recommend!


So, in conclusion I highly recommend New Look’s new collection which is cheap and most definitely cheerful. As well I recommend Evans’ bag collection as this bag wasn’t the only bag that caught my eye. So check it out and let me know if this post has helped, or if you purchase any of the items I have today!

Much love, B xo

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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