#TransformationTuesday šŸ’ž Makeup Wonders

so I know that #transformationtuesday is supposed to be before & afters of body progress however today I’ve decided to a #TT of before & after makeup.

I know that there’s some controversy nowadays over what is “too much” makeup. I know there was a lot of different challenges going around on Facebook but to be honest I think the controversy is a load of rubbish.

There, I said it, hate away, go on.

But really, why are people getting all defensive and moody over a bit of makeup?

Who has the right to tell a woman; girl, lady or otherwise; or a man for that matter that they are wearing too much makeup?

Oh that’s right, nobody.

Unless it’s your mother. Always listen to your mother.

I don’t believe in telling people how to do their makeup or why they’re wearing too much or too little or whatever. I think it’s just stupid because maybe that person is comfortable with the makeup they wear.

Do not judge a book by its cover; I’ve lived by that saying since I was little (even though when I was younger I literally thought it was about books lol) and I will continue to live by that saying.

Who’s to say that hot guy on Facebook you’ve been stalking for a while now airbrushes and filters his pictures and in real life actually has bad acne?

Who’s to say that the hot girl you’ve been checking out in your classes or online actually has bad skin or naturally sparse eyebrows or small eyes underneath her makeup?

That doesn’t mean to say that pictures or makeup or editing software is a lie; it is not (unless you’re going all catfish on it, in which case it’s totally worse than a lie) It makes that person comfortable and happy within themselves and I do not see anything wrong with that at all.

So hold back on the hatred please. There is no need for it.

Below you will find a before & after shot of me. On the left I am my natural faced; no makeup; in my pyjamas; with my hair scraped back from my face. And on the right I am in my everyday glory wearing the maximum amount of wake up I will ever wear; jewellery; my hair is curled as always; and I’m wearing today’s outfit.

There are no filters or airbrush or editing on either photo.Ā 

Be happy within yourself, whether that is as you are without makeup, or when you venture outside wearing several layers of foundation and primer and concealer.

You are you and be happy with that because we are all beautiful as we are.

Much love, B xo

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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