#WattpadWednesday ❤︎ Honesty

Happy Wednesday beauties!

So, for my #WattpadWednesday I’m doing a little bit of self promotion. I know, how cheesy right?

Well, a girl’s gotta get reads somehow.

So, as you all know, I’m in love with Criminal Minds and Matthew Gray Gubler. So, in honour of the wonderful fabulousness of both obsessions, I decided last year to write a fanfiction.

It’s called “Honesty” and it’s one of [currently] two books in the Spencer Reid (SR) Series.

The synopsis goes a little like this:

“The BAU were not ready for the arrival of Aaron’s Hotchner’s secret daughter. not even Hotch himself was ready for her. But when the secret love-child of Hotch and Kate Joyner appears in the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit in Quantico, it’s the attention of Dr Spencer Reid that allows Agent Brenda Melanie Joyner the one chance she needs to prove everything.

“Do you love her?” He asked, looking down at me again suddenly.
“It’s a simple enough question. You loved Maeve and you lost her, I need to know if you love her too so I can be around to make sure you never lose her.” I forced the lump out of my throat by swallowing hard, clearing my throat and rapidly blinking my eyes without looking at Morgan’s pressing stare.
“The truth?” I asked, glancing back up at him and he nodded. “I’ve loved her since the day I sat on the other side of a door and realised she was about to die and I wasn’t.” 

If you’re not familiar with Criminal Minds (I seriously urge you to change that) then let me fill you in.

Criminal Minds is a TV show on CBS which follows the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit of profilers; Unit Leader SSA Aaron Hotchner, Retired SSA David Rossi, SSA Derek Morgan, SSA Jennifer Jareau, SSA Emily Prentiss (etc), and Doctor Spencer Reid.

The BAU use a unique behavioural science of profiling to catch serial killers, rapists, abductors, paedophiles etc. As well as this, the show also follows the agents’ personal lives which I think is extremely rare for TV shows as most of these shows just focus on the main show rather than the characters.

So yeah, I love Criminal Minds and basically my fanfiction follows closely the lives of Dr. Reid and Hotch (Aaron Hotchner) and new agent Brenda Joyner.

If you think you’d enjoy my fanfic, please click here. And don’t forget to vote, comment and share, and let me know what you think!

Much love, B xo

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