Tesco F&F Haul 💝

So, today my momma and I were shopping in Tesco when we noticed a gorgeous pair of shoes in the sale. After discovering they didn’t have our size on the randomly positioned sales stand, we walked around to the clothes department to double check here. Of course, this is a fabulous way of marketing as we were then distracted by the rest of the clothes collection; both in the sales and in the “New Season” stock.

I am a huge lover of daisies and so while I was admiring the collection of checked shirts, my momma found a stunning pair of Daisy palazzo trousers and matching spaghetti strap vest top.


Immediately I knew I had to have the sales items and so I left with the Daisy outfit totally at only £18 for both trousers and top; along with an ivory/cream coloured lace floral waistcoat kimono with longline tassels costing £8; and the new collection white and black checked cotton boyfriend shirt at £12. Three of four items were purchased from the sale, and if you haven’t checked out Tesco’s F&F sale then I thoroughly encourage you to do so, grab yourself a bargain and treat yourself!

Much love, B xo

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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