#FiduciaFriday ♥︎ The Family: Fiducia – Blurb and Prologue

You may be looking at the title of this blog post and thinking “what the hell”, well don’t worry because I’m about to explain to you what exactly “Fiducia” is.

For years now I’ve been working on a book series. I’ve re-written and re-written it until I’m blue in the face. But it’s such a good idea and I know I can do it justice. And finally, finally I think I have it.

The book itself is the first of three (I think) and is called Fiducia, Italian for “Trust“. The book itself stars Italian characters and is very much an Italian-mafia-ish themed book.

It is not about the Italian mafia, so please do not think that. There is simply a lot of mafia-themed events and tensions and scenarios throughout the first book, but only until the main core of the story is established. Unfortunately, I can’t give any more away other than that, because otherwise I’d be ruining the entire first book.

So, every Friday is going to be #FiduciaFriday and every Friday I’ll post a new chapter of the book, and if it gets enough attention then I will start posting it on my Wattpad account where you can vote, comment and share my story.

So, let me know what you all think, all comments and feedback are very much appreciated and please please bare with me as the book will have a few Italian pieces in it and (obviously) I’m not Italian and so the pieces will be straight from Google Translate which is known for being completely inaccurate so the pieces are mainly for dramatic effect.

Below you will find the front cover of my book along with the “prologue”.

Much love, B xo

Fiducia 1

“You were my first love, I can’t lose you.”
“And you’re his,” He said in a thick voice, breathless and haphazard with the strength of his emotion. “He can’t lose you. This isn’t the life for you, Scarlett. You’re… Destined for excitement and adventure. He can give that to you… I can’t.”

Scarlett Jefferson’s life was the epitome of ordinary. She was your average eighteen-year-old girl studying her final year when suddenly Zac Larinsones and his Italian family swooped in and knocked the wind out of her sails. Now her life has been turned upside down and deep down Scarlett knows that the very foundations of which she used to live; have been altered in a way totally irreversible so that her life; will never be the same again.

“You can’t just palm me off like I’m some sort of pass-the-parcel. I don’t know how you say it in your language, lasagne, but I’m not stupid, something is going on and I will not be passed around like some kid.”

With frequently absent parents and a suspiciously devious older brother, Scarlett has to determine which aspects of her life are really over, and which are only just beginning. The questions she has yet to answer are these; how far will she go for the truth, and at which lengths will she draw the line?

“Ah Rosso, you have finally made your decision… Welcome to The Family. May your headache quickly cease and your troubles be slaughtered at the gates.”




Never ending. Infinite. Cold. Dark. Hard. My life.

The very depths in which I lived my life each day were cloaked in nothing but the endless blackness I’d grown accustomed to.


The bright, vibrant, curious, promising, mystery of her.

She entered my life in a splash of colour, promising me light in an infinite darkness.

I wasn’t sure when she began to mean something to me, but I suddenly couldn’t remember a time without the orange of Scarlett in my life, the brightness and the golden beauty of her entire being, the way she shone like a beacon in an otherwise colourless world.

She became everything to me too quickly, too soon, and I put her at risk. I brought her into the endless black of my life and I soon turned her burning bright into nothing but infinite darkness.

I heard her scream as she tumbled into the crystal depths and I threw myself down at the lakeside, peering into the blackness to see her bright eyes fading backward deeper into the waters.

In that moment it all made sense to me.

I’d do anything to keep that orange bright burning in my endless sea of black.


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