#FlashbackFriday ♥︎ Fav Fashion Look

So I know that usually FlashbackFriday’s are like another ThrowbackThursday, but on my blog I’ll be using FlashbackFriday’s as a way to highlight my favourite fashion look from that week. That could literally be anything from a favourite makeup look, or my favourite hairstyle or anything really.

So, today is going to be my favourite fashion outfit from this week. Right now I am absolutely adoring the monochrome trend. Who isn’t, right?

If you’ve been following my blog posts you’ll know that I’ve been on a few shopping sprees this week (mostly because I’ve been preparing for university – post on that coming soon) and I’ve picked up a few things that were in my wish lists. My favourite look comes from a few old things I’ve had laying around as well as a few new things I bought this week.


So this look comes from River Island, Missguided, Primark and New Look.

First off let’s start with the shirt. This shirt I’ve had for a few years now after my momma bought if for me from River Island. I absolutely adore this shirt because of the cute little daisy sheer cut-outs in the sleeves. It’s super-cute and I always get loads of compliments whenever I wear it. The buttons are hidden behind the fabric on the front of the blouse and at the top at the collar there’s a cute silver daisy button – adorable. I’m not entirely certain how much this shirt cost, so unfortunately I can’t post a price here. However, this look would also be completed nicely with any old plain white or even cream blouse you have laying around, or that you can pick up in the sales.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 21.44.08

Like this one for instance. This is available in the Missguided sale for only £9. It’s cute, simple, sophisticated and cheap. What more is there to ask for?

Along with the shirt I’ve also thrown on a pair of grey skinny jeans which cost me a tenner from Primark. This look would also be cute with plain black skinny jeans too.

The duster-coat is my favourite, I am absolutely in love with this as I posted in my blog when I first bought it this week in my New Look Haul. It cost me £22.99 and is a must have and is a definite investment as you can wear it with dark or light colours, dress it up or down, wear it open or closed and wear it time and time again. There’s no other way to say it; it’s a must have.

Finally I’ve finished the look off with a pair of oxblood patent ankle boots with gold buckles which I bought for £9 in the Missguided sale. I’m uncertain if these boots are still available to buy because the Missguided sale is still ongoing and hugely popular at the mo. But, they’re a definite must-have and I adore these boots, I’ve dressed them up and surprisingly enough I’ve dressed them down in plain black leggings and a black jumper; they’re essential for Autumn and will look super cute paired with plum lipstick and a chunky-knit jumper in the colder weather.

So my beauties, this is my FlashbackFriday Fav Fashion Look over for this week. I am adoring this look and can honestly say I’ll be wearing time and time again.

Much love, B xo

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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