Product Review 💝 Kate Moss Nude Collection

IMG_0154Hello my beauties! So, for a while now I’ve wanted to get my hands on the new Kate Moss nude collection. But, it would appear that stores are rapidly selling out of the lipstick shades ,and I can’t really say I’m surprised.

At first look the lippies don’t seem much, however in person they really are exciting for any one who loves a lil’ bit of nude in their make up collection.

I, personally, haven’t really been bothered by nudes before. Not until I bought Velvet Teddy by MAC and every since I’ve loved nude lipstick shades and as soon as i heard about the new Kate Moss collection, I knew it’d be worth taking a look.

So, after checking out the testers in Boots I decided my favourite was the second darkest shade, number 43. However they were all sold out of that one, and after trying three different stores locally I decided to just leave it for another day.

A week passed and still stock was flying out of the shelves, so, two days ago I decided to just order click & collect.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

I’m impressed by these products, especially for the bargaining price they’re sold as. I say bargaining, however it isn’t really cheap if you’re comparing with the other makeup brands available in drug stores. However, compared to the big brands like MAC and Kat Von D and Melt etc, Rimmel is evidently a bargain brand.

IMG_0150So, let’s start off with the nail polish.

On Instagram I found a picture of a girl wearing nail polish shade 126 and I loved it. The nails were manicured into an oval shape and were buffed smooth beneath the polish, giving it an almost-gel-come-acrylic look to it.

Shade 126 is light beige and is the lightest shade of the nude polish collection. Personally speaking, I love it. I think it elongates my nails, subsequently making them look slimmer, and as a bonus it goes with practically anything!

I love neutral nail shades like black or grey because it means I don’t have to re-paint my nails often to match my outfit. With this nail shade, there is no fear with having to re-paint every second day for fear of it mis-matching my outfit or makeup etc.

As of yet I have no idea how it is longevity wise, so I shall be posting an update next week with swatches of both products on, as well as a longevity update so you all know exactly what you’re paying for.

Now onto the lippie. Now this I was super excited by. The shade itself I’d been struggling to get, and so I couldn’t wait to try it. At first looks I thought it was quite pretty. A pale pink shaded tube with Kate’s white signature was pretty and kind of adorable. I liked the fact it differed from her other lipsticks, but was still her own and recognisable as her own.

IMG_0153The picture really doesn’t do this lipstick justice as the shade itself looks to be almost plumish-purple. However believe me when I say it is nowhere near the shade of plum or purple. It’s a beautiful dusty-rose-come-pink colour which matches incredibly well with the natural shade of my lips. I think the lipstick will be great for casual outfits at university. This lipstick is perfect for those of you still at school, as it’s not too bold and daring and obvious; so there’s no way you’d get into trouble for wearing it. But, it also gives an air of sophistication with the nudity of it.

In comparison to Velvet Teddy I’d say it’s definitely lighter, not as thick, and not as matte. In comparison to Myth (also by MAC) I’d say it’s definitely not as creamy; I’d say it’s a perfect medium between the creaminess of Myth and the matte thickness of Velvet Teddy. It’s most definitely not as light as the Myth shade, and is generally a lot more appealing than Myth altogether. (Can you tell I don’t really like the Myth lippie?)

So, with proper swatches and longevity posts to come later in the week, which me luck on the proper details of my new products and here’s hoping they’re just as wonderful as what they have been up until this point.

Stay tuned,
Much love, B xo

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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