#SshSunday πŸ’Ÿ Hangover Cure – Food

So here we are, Sunday afternoon and I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering indefinitely from the hangover blues. Headache, intermittent temperature, and a severe craving of all things food-ish. Plus a bucket-sized cup of coffee would be ideal too, but you know, only if that’s possible or whatever.

This post is going to be my ideal treats for when you’re struggling with a hangover.


  • Irn Bru – Yes, that orange Scottish drink
  • Energy juice – lucozade is best
  • Coffee – as strong as possible
  • Plenty of water – as dull as that sounds


  • “heavy” crisps – Snack’a’Jacks, Pringles, Onion Rings ect.
  • fruit – as dull as that sounds too
  • chocolate chunks – dark choc is best
  • cereal bars – special K or Coco Pops are best
  • toast – either smothered in butter or nutella, or with melted cheese
  • cheese twist – one of my personal favs, from Lidl, even better when heated up


  • Good wholesome “home cooked” meals are best: i.e. stew, casserole, ect
  • Pasta i.e. bolognaise or normal pasta.
  • Pizza – always a winner no matter what the scenario, let’s be honest
  • Curry – stay away from spicy and strong curries like Indian Vindaloo’s ect and stick to as calm a curry as possible i.e. Korma

The key to curing a hangover is plenty of fluids, painkillers when needed (andΒ only when needed) and plenty of food packed with iron and nutrients to build up your body’s vitamins again. I like to stick to chocolate and red meats when I have a hangover, and I also love rolls & bacon or rolls & tuna. I stay away from onions and spices as they give me extremely painful heartburn when I’m hungover, and I snack on crisps and chocolate and pastries (such as Lidl’s cheese twists which areΒ delicious) in-between meals to keep my energy up because unfortunately I have an issue with naps – I can’t ever have them, it’s horrible I can never ever get to sleep in order to actually have a nap, even when I’m absolutely exhausted. I have no idea why.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed my Hangover Cure article, and I hope this will help ease your hangover pains in the future.

Oh, and, if you’re not living in the UK, or if you struggle to obtain the drink “Irn Bru” I do apologise, living in Scotland certainly has it’s benefits, and Irn Bru is by far the best benefit of the bunch. Not only because it’s a fab drink, but because it cures hangovers quicker than any pain killer or food dose out there. Probably because it packed full of sugars and sweeteners but there we go!

Happy hangover!

Much love, B xo

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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