#MomspirationMonday 💘 Toilet-Roll

As if the title of the post isn’t weird enough, the story is even weirder.

I mean sure I absolutely adore my momma, as established in my first #MomspirationMonday post, however some little things she does, totally winds me up.

My mom does this thing where, if she’s the one to use the last of the loo-roll she’ll take the final square – if there’s enough  and tuck it back into the slit of the roll box.

So I won’t know it’s the last piece until I’ve finished and removed the tiny square.

Then, when I call her out she just blushes and gives that insane chuckle of hers and claims she either “didn’t realise” or when she went to fetch a new loo roll I’d either distracted her or the cat had.

I love you Jeanie but puhlease replace the loo-roll!!!!!!!

Do any of your mommas do this? Or maybe someone else you live with?

I know it drives me mental! What do you do about it?

I’d love to hear your hilarious loo-roll stories! (In the weird-less way possible)

Much love, B xo


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