#TanTuesday 💞 What’s My Favourite Fake Tan?

So instead of a #TransformationTuesday I’ve decided to do a #TanTuesday. I know I’m cheating my not posting any progress pictures to track my weight loss, however I haven’t actually started my diet programme. I promise that as of next week there will be the first post of my transformation.

Now, onto today’s article at hand here.

I’ve decided to do a Tan Tuesday purely for the fact that as a girl, it can be different getting that perfect natural-looking glow on your skin.

Some girls rock the pale, and I certainly wish that was me. I’m a natural red-head (auburn-red to be accurate) and so I have pale skin and freckles and big dark brown eyes. Skin colour can be a real pain. In the sunshine I do tan, but it takes a while and I primarily burn before I peel and then tan.

Personally, I am terrified of sun-beds, purely for the fact that I watched one of the Final Destination movies and that spooked me enough for a lifetime thank you very much. So sunbeds are a no-go for me, especially because of the long-term damage they can end up doing to your health. (I’m a health-freak in that way, I try not to do things that will affect future me.)

Therefore I’m stuck with fake tan. I’ve never had a spray-tan as I’m always scared they’ll turn out too dark and I’ll look like a walking orange – as that would be extremely hilarious for my friends to see and they’d probably print it on a t-shirt and never let me live it down. Seriously.

The first “fake-tan” I used was probably when I was about 13 and it was the Dove summer-glow tinted moisturiser which would build up a natural looking tan in approximately a week while you continue to top up the glow with the product every day. I only used it a few times before packing it in as it was such a task having to build it up – and my hands would always end up darker than the rest of me, first. So I’d be walking around with literally orange hands and a pale body until the thing topped up on my skin, haha. Quite the spectacle, believe me.

Then, when I was about 17 I started using No7’s Perfectly Bronzed Quick Dry Tinted Mousse. At the time I was obsessed with No7 as that was the makeup brand I’d been wearing since I was 13, so at first I swore by the tan. It says on the bottle that after application you wait between 3-5 hours before washing it off and putting on clothing as of course the tan can come off your skin and stain any cloth it comes into contact with. At first I only kept the tan on for 3 hours before washing off, but, as I got older and loved the tan even more I pushed it to the max, doing a double-coating of the tan and keeping it on for 5 hours. This didn’t make me orange in the slightest, and gave me a really natural-looking glow to my tan rather than an off-pale the 3 hours would give me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 15.04.47

This fake-tan is £14.50 from Boots drugstore and sometimes is part of a promotional “buy one get 2nd half price” discount.

Now, this is where it gets weird. The tan itself comes in two different shades (like most self-fake-tans nowadays). There’s a light/medium and medium/dark. Why not just buy the medium/dark tan? I hear you ask. Well, I did. And I tried the medium/dark tan. And… wait for it… it was lighter than the light/medium tan!!! I know, how bizarre right? I couldn’t believe it. The darker tan was in fact paler when I kept it on for the same amount of time than the paler tan?! It’s so strange, so, I stuck to the light/medium one and just built up the layers and doubled the time I kept it on for. Yes, this was a real pain, especially if I had to tan for a special occasion as I had to take the entire day before off (of any plans I might have made) in order to tan in time for the next day!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this tan, but, an additional thing happened in January of this year when I began to get extremely itchy anytime I put it on and would scratch like a junkie on a come-down until I scrubbed it off of my skin. This, of course, would leave my skin stingingly painful and blotchy red. I went through dozens of exfoliator gloves trying to take all of the tan off of my body so I wouldn’t scratch. I’d heard through a few of my friends that once your skin initially gets used to a fake tan, it’ll get a little itchy and uncomfortable for a couple times before calming down again. So, I tried to perservere, however I was still scratching like a maniac and decided to stop using this tan altogether.

I’m extremely saddened by this because before I “grew allergic” (?) to the product, I absolutely loved the way it (a) looked on my skin (b) felt when I put it on (c) smelled – yes, it even had a lovely smell to it; not typical “fake tan” in the slightest!

However, now I certainly do not miss the lengthy time periods I had to wait between putting it on and washing it off, and I certainly don’t miss the scratching.

I highly recommend this product as it is a gorgeous tan – when double coated – and leaves you feeling, smelling and looking great!

Next Tuesday I’ll be posting the fake-tan I use now along with pictures of my new tan on my skin.

I hope this helps! Happy Tuesday my beauties.
Much love, B xo
Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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