#TattooTuesday 💞 Terry’s Tattoos – Glasgow – Review (1.1)

IMG_1595 Happy Tattoo Tuesday beauties!

As you can see in the picture, this post is going to be about the second tattoo I got in May of this year.

It reads “Jeanie, Emma, Aaron, Nana” as the stock of the daisy, and it goes horizontally across the top of my ribs on my left side.

I designed the tattoo myself, and got it done at Terry’s Tattoo Studio in Glasgow’ Tron Gate as this is a parlour that came highly recommended to me from lots of different people of all ages.

When I arrived at the shop I was terrified as one of my distant friends had told me the horror story of her own rib tattoo and I started freaking out. The girl who tattooed me (I cannot for the life of me remember her name) calmed me down almost instantly and drew up the tattoo right then as I waited (it didn’t take her long at all, she was so skilled) despite the fact I’d already emailed them the picture. She wanted to draw it in front of me incase she got any parts of it inaccurate which I thought was extremely professional and honest of her.

She then rolled my jumper up and tucked it under my bra with some tissue (I was wearing white and she didn’t want any ink to get on my clothes) and then she observed my body shape. After a few moments of her inspecting my torso and ribs she explained that I have a natural hour-glass figure and so for my design to be tattooed vertically down my ribs (as I’d naturally wanted) it wouldn’t look as beautiful as I’d designed it as it would naturally curve into my shape and I’d have to have it topped up frequently because of this. So, she positioned the tracing-paper design on my ribs horizontally and done the whole tracing-thing they do so the design is left on your skin once they take the paper away. She then directed me to the mirror and made sure I was happy with what I saw there. Truth is I was completely blown away by how it looked there and I immediately fell in love with it.

After she triple checked I was happy, and after I double checked with my friend waiting out in the front-shop (the cool waiting area place), I was then positioned on the chair and she made sure I was completely comfortable before scrubbing at my skin to remove the fake-tan I’d thought I’d removed pretty well before leaving the house (oops, bare that in mind when you go for a tattoo, lol) and then she shaved the area (this is a must when you’re getting a tattoo. Regardless of which shop or artist you go to they must shave the area they are about to tattoo, even if it appears there are no hairs in that area of your skin, as the needle can catch on the tiniest of hairs and could potentially end up ripping your hair and the skin, scarring you in a far more brutal way than a simple tattoo, so make sure they shave you!!!!) before setting to work.

She was such a lovely, sweet girl who consistently paused her work to make sure I was doing alright (I didn’t feel one ounce of pain and she was beginning to get worried I’d passed out on the chair as I’d gone in freaking out and then was sitting silently not so much as wincing at all) and chatted to me in such a laid-back, interested, friendly way. Not one part of the conversation was awkward or forced – she was genuinely interested. She didn’t have to chat to me – there was enough noise going on with the two other people being tattooed in the back shop as well as the buzz of her own tattoo gun and the metal music playing in the background.

After about thirty minutes she got me to stand up and walk about because she was worried I’d end up cramping or in a lot of pain because I wasn’t moving at all – I was scared to move in case it affected her work, despite the fact she insisted I keep moving – so after I’d paced the shop a little and stretched, giving her enough time to change her needle for about the third time, she set to work on finishing the tattoo.

When she was almost done she asked if I trusted her – which I completely did. She’d already blown me away several times in the forty-or-so-minutes that I’d been in with her for – so I said yes and she asked if I’d mind a little touch of white in the head-of-the-daisy part of my tattoo. She understood that under no circumstances did I want any colour in my tattoo as I’d made it perfectly clear several times before that that I do not like coloured tattoos. I was a little reluctant but she explained she wouldn’t be painting the whole thing white, far from it, she’d merely be highlighting the petals in a splash of white, just to make it properly pop. I was a little apprehensive, but I completely trusted her, and she really knew what she was talking about.

So, I agreed, and she went ahead and added the white.

Once she’d finished she cleaned the tattoo thoroughly and applied the gel (which I suspect was probably Bepanthen) the girl who worked in the back-back-shop (I suspect she deals with emails and transactions and appointments ect.) came out to take a picture of my tattoo (I’d got my nose pierced a fortnight beforehand and so I understood that the pictures were for insurance and proof for their own benefits only of course) and the poor girl who tattooed me was beginning to worry as the entire tattoo was just dripping with blood. As soon as she wiped it, the blood would drip again and she was beginning to get extremely worried by this.

However, because I’d already had a tattoo before, I’d expected it to bleed – just maybe not as much – so I explained how the month previous I’d been diagnosed with Anaemia and that could maybe have something to do with it (?) (I’m still unsure of the possibility of that if I’m honest) and I told her not to worry, it wasn’t stinging like I’d expected it to; my ribs were just a little sensitive like I’d had a good kicking.

She chuckled and bandaged it all up before going through the cleaning and healing process with me – reiterating most of it because I knew what to do beforehand because of the advice I’d received from my friend after I’d had my first tattoo – and giving me a card with all of the instructions and advice just incase I forgot afterwards. We then sat for a good ten minutes chatting more – just about T in the Park (the festival I was going to) and my love for daisies and my previous tattoo.

I paid the remainder of my tattoo (after paying half of the balance as a deposit when I’d booked my appointment the previous month) and left the shop feeling more than satisfied.

When I got home an hour later I  removed the blood bandage, washed it thoroughly and applied a skim of Bepanthen and showed it off to my momma who started crying when she saw it.

She’d been totally reluctant to allow me to get another tattoo, despite her personal shout-out of “Jeanie” (That’s the nickname I have for my momma because her name is Jeanette and she’s my genie) but as soon as she seen it she was touched and began crying.

We loved the white in the daisy because; just like the girl had said; it really made the entire thing pop and highlighted the beauty of the design.

“Jeanie” is my momma; she is the roots of the daisy because without her I wouldn’t be who I am today; she is the entire foundations of my entire world, and I need her to function every day, just like a daisy needs it’s roots to grow and stay strong.

“Emma” is my little cousin who is 7yo and whom I unfortunately do not see anymore. I love her like a little sister and she is the body of the daisy because one cannot function without a body. She also hold the leaf of the daisy because in my opinion, that’s what helps the daisy balance and stay straight; and Emma does exactly that in my life.

“Aaron” is Emma’s little brother who is 4yo and whom I also unfortunately no longer see, and who I miss every single day. He too, is like a younger sibling to me, and I’d never do anything without consulting either of them because of how important they were to me.

“Nana” is my maternal grandmother who unfortunately is no longer with us, but who is watching from wherever she may be now. My Nana has always been so important and inspirational to me, and I hope that maybe one day I can inspire my children and grandchildren the way my Nana has with her family. The entire family fell apart when she left us, and each day her absence is felt. She is the connection between the body and the head of the daisy, because she is vital and important and essential to my life; as without her, I wouldn’t have the beliefs and opinions and goals and ambitions that I have today.

I never have nor will I ever get, a tattoo that I do not wholeheartedly believe in. Do you really think I would permanently mark my body with something that means nothing? I condemn those who tease and insult others for their choice of tattoo. What is random and meaningless to one; can be vital and essential to another person; so think before you speak.

I love my tattoo and I highly recommend the girl I got at Terry’s Tattoos. I’ll be continuing my review of Terry’s next Tuesday; so stay tuned for that, as I am not finished with them; not even slightly.

Much love, B xo
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