#WattpadWednesday ❤︎ Lies

So, last Wednesday I posted about my Spencer Reid // Criminal Minds fanfiction “Honesty”. And so this week I’m posting about the second in the SR Series: Lies.

Lies is evidently the second of the two books, and I’m contemplating making the SR Series a trilogy; seeing as most of my works end up better if I spread the entire idea out over three books.

So far I have “Lies” planned up until chapter 45 where the book will end, however it ends on a cliff-hanger, which, leaves room for a third book if I should so wish to write it.

Over the Summer I’ve been able to complete Honesty and get half of Lies written. I return to uni next month though, so hopefully I can complete the second in the series before then, as I doubt I’ll have much time to work on anything when I’m back as my workload is doubling this year.

I’d be disappointed if I left the final book until next Summer, as that is an awfully long time for my readers to wait in order to find out what happens to the main characters; therefore i’ll see if I’ll have any time over my first semester to maybe work on the third book in the background so that I could maybe post it all at once rather than staggered like with my other two books.

Below you will find the Blurb and Prologue of Honesty (The first in the SR Series) as I am only now just realising that I never posted this in last week’s post.

I’ll refrain from posting any more about Lies, so that those of you who are just finding my SR Series can have a chance to check it out and hopefully read it without me ruining or spoiling anything from the second book.

So my beauties, please check out Honesty and Lies on my Wattpad account.

Much love, B xo
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