#ThinkAboutItThursday 💕 Disneyland vs Dismaland

As I’m sure many of you have already heard,

There’s a new attraction in town which goes by the name of “Dismaland”. Created, designed and crafted by Banksy (amongst other artists/designers/architectures) the attraction/theme-park/outing/whatever you want to call it, is a real-life mockery of the giant “Disneyland”.


Now, upon first hearing about “Dismaland” I wasn’t entirely sure if it was as horrid as everyone was making it out to be. The giants were giving it bad names, calling it a “sham” and a “mockery” and an “insult” while other people my age were saying how fantastic and fascinating it was.

After a while of scrolling through Facebook, I found the Channel 4 News’ video of reporter Krishnan Guru Murthy having a nose around the “bemusement park”. I watched the 5min length video in awe, up until a rather shocking part which I will come to later on.

3050348-inline-i-1-dismaland-commThe bemusement park itself seems really pretty dismal with pot-holes and puddles on the ground, depressed and bored looking staff working the individual attractions, and rather blunt decor altogether.

However, I like the idea of this, as it bluntly puts across exactly what is wrong with today’s society.

In comparison to Disneyland, who gives kids a fantasy land to disappear in for however long, Dismaland shows kids what the real world is really like, and what it is all about.

banksy-dismaland-theme-park-007Now, the part that shocked me the most, was the “castle” which showed the fallen carriage of “The Princess” (this Princess has no name, she is not Cinderella, nor is she Sleeping Beauty, however nor does she have a real life Princess name such as Diana or Katherine or Anne.) which shows the horse and carriage completely tumbled over with the Princess herself hanging out of the window, either badly injured or in fact dead.

Instead of there being any spotlights or dramatic lighting of any sort on this crash, there is papparazzi photographing this scene from several feet away; the flashes of the cameras the only lighting in the entire room.

This attraction in itself completely shocked me into silent disbelief. Where the rest of the bemusement park showed kids (in a very blunt and somewhat chilling way) what the world is really like and all about, this attraction completely insulted not only the Royal Family with it’s completely chilling and dark depiction of Princess Diana’s car crash, but it insulted any Royal supporters, the media, and really left behind a chilling nightmare for any younger audience.

While the bemusement park in itself is said “to not be a good idea for children” I think it really is not for any younger audience of any kind. While I agree that Disneyland is not giving the correct message to kids of any age, I believe that several aspects of Dismaland is also doing the same.


Balloons which read "I'm an Imbecile" completely shocked me also. I'm a little unsure of which aspect of modern-day society this particular attraction is in connection with.

I admire Banksy, and I support what he stands for. However, the Princess crash really did surprise me, and I’m extremely shocked on how it was allowed to go ahead at all. In saying that, I do understand the message behind it; that no matter who is injured, and no matter how drastic; the media are always the first on the scene, detailing fanatically every little thing from their skewered angle rather than waiting for the professionals to detail what has happened.

Dismaland-1An aspect which I really liked, was the model illustrating the immigration problem. There’s a small pond-like-fountain which is a model of the ocean. In it there is a model boat packed full of immigrants of all ages. This, I really admired. Most aspects of the bemusement park were chilling and blunt; like a slap to the face. But, it makes us all aware of what is really going on in our world around us. We’re all too busy living our lives and worrying about our problems and voting for parties we don’t entirely agree with just because there’s nobody else supporting all of our wishes, that we forget to take a look at what is right in front of us; at the problems suffocating the society our kids are going to grow up in.

Well, I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that my kids of the future, however far ahead that may be, will be brought up in a society where they are not taught to shy away and hide from the truth, but face it early on and learn how to deal with it. However, I’m saying this purely because I have every intention of leaving the UK at my earliest convenience and settling in a country far different from Britain; where, I’m not entirely sure just yet, but that’s for another blog post.

I myself would love to visit Dismaland for the sheer fact that in the majority of Channel 4’s report, I was nodding along and agreeing with every attraction. I respect Banksy for having the balls to create something like Dismaland, and show today’s kids exactly what society they’re growing up in. I do not blame him for the Princess attraction, not in the slightest, because I understand what he was trying to say. I just wish it didn’t need to be put across in such a vile way for people to finally sit up and pay attention to it.

It’s sad in today’s society how we must act and the lengths we must go, to provide the truth to our kids. I agree that British society is growing more and more corrupt, and I believe that more people like Banksy and more attractions like Dismaland are needed, in order to teach kids the truth about what is going on in their country.


Disneyland however, provides an escape for all kids which us adults wish we nowadays had. (Although, in retrospect, us adults have alcohol to escape our society while kids have Disneyland and fantasies.) While Disneyland isn’t teaching kids about the real world, it’s providing a dream and imagination which too many kids in today’s world rely heavily on in order to get through everyday life. Without Disneyland and it’s magical cartoons ect, there would be nowhere for kids to escape to. In that aspect, I believe Disneyland is very much needed.


Where I draw the line, is when Disney begins teaching kids that it’s possible to battle anything in the world with merely a frying pan and a smile, and that everything will always end happily. That is far from the truth, and this is something I completely agree with Banksy on; it must be stopped.

Much Love, B xo
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