#FashionFriday ♥︎ Do’s and Don’t’s

(I’m not even sure if I spelled “Don’t’s” right, because it looks totally weird. But let’s just roll with it.)

Hello my beauties!

Welcome to the usual Fashion Friday article! Today I’m going to be talking about my own personal take on Fashion Do’s and Don’t’s. It’s not going to be a lengthy article, so fear not. I’ll be listing what I think is important about fashion, and what you have to bare in mind while finding your own unique style, as well as listing what I think you have to avoid while finding your comfort zone.

Remember, all of my articles are simply advice. I don’t expect you all to follow these come hell or high water. But I do believe that these tips will help you regardless, as you find your style.


  • Ask questions. When you’re buying a new product – let’s say a new makeup foundation – and you’re not entirely sure if that shade suits your skin; ask. There will always be an attendant at hand if you’re buying in store, so ask if that shade best matches your skin, or, if they have a lighter or darker colour available. If not, ask if there’s a substitute, or, if they recommend a product with the things in store you’re looking for. So, for example, if you’re looking for a great coverage thick foundation and the one you’re trying in Boots doesn’t quite match your skintone, tell the assistant you’re looking for a great coverage thick foundation in a lighter/darker shade. When I was younger trying out new makeups I was always so so shy and just bought whatever I could get my hands on before the attendants asked if I needed any help – do not do this – ask for help.
  • Wear what you want. Going out to dinner but you don’t want to get dressed up? Fine. Wear the outfit you want and dress it up with accessories or a fancier hair style or a fancier application of makeup – no problem. Do not force yourself to wear whatever the occasion says you should wear – dress your way and show that occasion who’s boss! Comfort will lead to confidence which will lead to those heads turning at your magnificent smile when you rock up feeling the way you like – looking the way you want to!
  • Take risks. Buy that darker lip colour, wear that shorter skirt, walk in those higher heels. Push yourself out of that comfort zone you’ve been stuck in for all this time and do what you’ve always wanted to. Be bold and brave and get yourself out of your everyday style and screw what you’re worried about; people talking, people looking, turning heads, bleeding lipstick, twisted ankles. Who cares? There’s always lip liner and concealer to deal with bleeding lipstick and there’s always a bandage for your ankle or flat shoes to fall back on (hopefully not literally!) so throw all your fashion worries aside and get out there and just do it. Buy the thing you’ve been eyeing for a while and wear it with pride; you’re only as confident and brave as the person you pretend to be. So, if you don’t have the confidence or the boldness; pretend like you do, and eventually, you will see that you do have that confidence; it’s always been there. It’s just been waiting below the surface ready to burst free and show the real you.


  • Do something because your friend is doing it. Whether that be dyeing their hair, perming their hair, chopping their hair; fake-tanning their skin, going for sunbeds, getting tattoos or piercings, buying a biker jacket and chelsea boots, buying a Harrington and Docs, or volunteering at the local care-home or smashing the windows of the community centre. Be your own person. Whether that’s through your behaviour and actions, or style and wardrobe choices. You are you; you are not a clone, not even if you’re a twin. You are unique to yourself; so show that in the things you do and the clothes and accessories etc that you wear.
  • Buy something just because the sales assistant is pressurising you. Or because the advert for the product is pretty damn lush. When I was 13 I bought my first makeup product: Maybeline’s Dream Matte Mousse. I didn’t have a clue that that kind of foundation is for older skin, I had no idea what shade I was and so bought one too dark, and I didn’t know the first thing about applying it, and so I just slapped it all on. I bought that product because I loved the advert. I also bought it because I was shy and there was a sales assistant looming nearby and I didn’t want to have to ask her anything. This, was the biggest mistake ever and after just a month of using it, I’d developed a horrible case of acne which I’m still trying to recover from to this day (due to the harsh chemicals and my overly-sensitive skin). So please, do not be shy or pressured by anyone. You buy the product you believe it best for you, and if in doubt, get somebody to help you. That doesn’t have to be a total stranger; it could be a friend, or a friend’s older sibling, or a parent. 
  • Be scared to cross lines. Don’t be afraid to cross gothic with girlie, or chique with freak. I adore the colour black; some may say most of my outfits can be a tad gothic because of this; but it’s not all leather and chains. I love a good elegant outfit, but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t love a little sparkle every now and again. Don’t resign yourself to the one style; I used to and I eventually became so uncomfortable with the clothes I wore. Now I wear whatever I want; whether that’s a leather outfit one day and a daisy outfit the next; I love what I wear and I do not under any circumstances alter an outfit because it doesn’t match yesterday’s style.

In conclusion I have six words for you to think about whenever you’re altering your style or outfit or whatever:

DO’S:                                     DONT’S:
– Layer                                   – Guess
– Care                                    – Obsess
– Dare                                    – Stress

Basically saying: Don’t be afraid to layer your clothing with accessories or other items. Always remember to care about what you wear and how you look; but don’t obsess about it, because you’re beautiful no matter how you look. Don’t be apprehensive of daring yourself and wearing the thing you’ve never worn before. Don’t guess and hope everything will turn out okay: do your research into what makeup products are right for your skin type and how to use and apply them. Don’t guess what hair style would look best for your face; google and research and talk to your hairdresser. But above all, do not stress. When I first started wearing fancier makeup and cooler clothes, I’d fidget and worry and stress about the slightest of things. I’d pull at the hem of my dress, I’d fiddle with my hair, I’d pat my cheeks and rub at my nose or pat my eyelashes with the edge of my index finger. And I’d do that because I was nervous and stressing over how I looked. Whereas in reality there was nothing wrong with the midi-dress I was wearing; it wasn’t showing off too much skin. There wasn’t anything on my cheeks or nose, and there were no eye-lashes falling out of place. I stressed because I was still getting used to looking the way I wanted to, and I was scared about what people might think when they saw me.


I have been there and I have wasted far too many years worrying over others; thinking they’ll say I look ridiculous or laugh at the way I look. Not one person has ever done that to me, not one. Sure, people have talked, but only because they’ve liked what I’ve been wearing or they’ve been surprised to see me so different to the last time.

So wear what you want with confidence.

Like I tell everyone; we’re all beautiful. And we are, it just takes different people to see the beauty that’s within us.

Have a wonderful day, and please let me know if this article has helped you.
Much love, B xo
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