Product Review 💝 Rimmel: Kate Moss Nude Collection: Longevity Review

Hello my beauties!

So as promised, this is a post in regards to the longevity of the Rimmel London’s Kate Moss Nude Collection; both the lipstick and the nail polish.

Baring in mind that both products are pretty cheap in comparison to the likes of MAC or Benefit or other premium makeup brands such as No7 and the like, I’d rate the Nude Collection at approximately 3*. (out of 5* of course).

I painted my nails with the 126 shade of Nude polish on Friday. After a first coat I realised that the product was very thin, and because of the light shade, quite see-through. Therefore, it took me three coats in all to build up a real proper thick colour. Now sure, there’s no problem in that; most polishes take a couple coats to build up a good colour anyway. However, the pot of nail-polish itself is actually pretty small, and if you’re doing three coats each time you wear it; you’re not going to get very long out of the one pot.


A couple months ago I had nail-acrylics and the acryclic still hasn’t 100% came off my nails (I’ve been too lazy to go get them done properly or do them properly myself, I know, it’s shocking.) and so painting my nails is a bit of a nuissance as polish chips on the bumps so much easier than what it would had my nails been smooth.

So, keeping that in mind, I think the wear out of the polish is pretty good. Considering the acrylics still on my nails (kind of) and considering the three thick coats of paint, my nails still haven’t chipped. And, for the record, I’ve been doing dishes, having baths, putting on fake-tan and I even went on a night-out, and still they’re chip-free. (That’s both hand and feet nails, just for the record.)

N.B: I am so totally in love with matte-coloured nails. I think they look absolutely gorgeous and I am a no1 fan of all-things matte: makeup, lipstick, nail-polish, cars - I'm a huge matte-fan. So, baring this in mind when it comes to my nails, I have a Barry M 
matte-top-coat polish. I put this top-coat polish on over the Rimmel Nude 126 shade and it looked absolutely amazing! I fell in 
love with the matte-shade and thought it looked so much classier and more elegant.
Now onto the lipstick.

The colour itself I absolutely love. I mentioned in my previous post how simple and casual this colour was; and I was so totally right. Today I wore it out while I popped to the shops and I loved it. It completely set off my simple-makeup look today and really made me feel great; knowing that despite my super simple 5min makeup job, it still looked great.

However, the longevity is so totally rubbish.

I was out for maybe an hour, nothing more, and by the time I’d come back, it was more-or-less all gone.

Now, I blame this on the fact that it is very satin. As mentioned above I adore all things matte; especially my lipstick. However, I loved the shade of this lippie so much that I thought why not? and bought it anyway. Considering it didn’t look too satin-y I thought I wouldn’t mind it. But, it’s very-very satin. It’s very soft and smooth on your lips which is fabulous of course, but it can be a little oily when your lips rub together.

I lined the lipstick using MAC Whirl lip-liner (the liner I use with Velvet Teddy lippie too) which is a little darker than the lipstick and so made my lips really pop with the slightly lighter lippie (I really really like this look with the darker liner) but I really didn’t like the fact that it was so oily and satin-y. This, is the reason why it really didn’t last long. Baring in mind that I didn’t eat or drink anything while I was out – not whatsoever.


I’m slightly disappointed with the longevity of the lipstick and the fact that the polish is so thin and needs a few coats which means that the pot won’t last very long either.

However, I absolutely adore the colours, and think they’re super cute, especially for when I go back to uni – these colours are perfectly ideal for school too, so if you’re going back (or are already back) at school, really consider buying these products if you’re in a rut about what lippie or polish you can/cannot wear.

I really really hope this updated article has given you a bit of food for thought or inspiration.
Let me know what you think!
Much love, B xo
Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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