#StyleItSaturday ♡ The Day After The Night Before

Okay, so the title of this post is a little misleading considering it’s techinically “the day after, the day after the night before” but whatever, we’ll just roll with it and kid-on it’s still Sunday 😬

So hello my beauties!

On Saturday night I went to see the one and only Paolo Nutini at the Summer Session’s in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park. And oh my goodness gracious me, that man is something else. What an Angel! I absolutely adored every second of it. The sun was splitting, (and okay so it maybe rained for like half an hour, and maybe the bar’s roof did kind of buckle with the rain and perhaps soak me when I was buying wine, but whatever it’s totally okay.) everyone was in an excellent mood and the atmosphere was simply electric. Nobody can beat a Glasgow crowd; Scottish crowds, well, we’re the best. And I’d like to challenge anyone else who says otherwise; come to Glasgow, come to a Scottish gig and we’ll show you what’s what. We know how to party, that’s for sure.

So, The View supported Paolo as did another Scottish band and the “legendary” Grace Jones. Personally speaking, I had no idea who she was, nor did I know not 1 of her songs, so I pretty much rolled with the bongos and had a blast regardless to the fact she was over an hour late and only played 4 songs anyway.

Paolo is an incredible guy; singer/ song-writer/ performer/ personality. And if you don’t know who he is (shame on you) go Youtube him immediately.

He done a cover of Stand By Me which was pretty epic (no i did not cry, what do you mean?!?!?!?!) but my personal favourite was Iron Sky and One Day. Oh, and Candy! Oh feck it, the entire thing was just amazing. There were tears, there were flares, there were fireworks, there were mosh pits (and plenty of screaming, for the record!!!!!) and there was a fabulous encore, of which I don’t think was planned.

So, onto the main point of this article. Apologies for wandering from the main fact!

I wore black ripped denim shorts with tights, black over the knee socks, my black patent Doc Martens, a black and white checked shirt, my bum-bag from Primark (bargain!), a black hoodie and my fav black John Lennon style sunglasses.


I also tried the Maya Mia cat-eye makeup look. And absolutely loved it! It gave me a really sort of emo-gothic look; which I really really really loved! Especially considering it matched perfectly with my outfit! My friends (and my momma) were constantly complimenting me and asked me which tutorial I’d used. In all honesty, I’d screenshotted the look from the Prettify You blog article which is also where I found the tutorial itself.


I found it super easy and sleek and I will most definitely be wearing this look again, and I’ll maybe shake it up next time with other colours, maybe swapping the black eye-liner for another, who knows?! More posts on that to come laterrrrr.

I hope this article has inspired you beauties, and yes, my hangover was severe on Sunday and yes, I am feeling much much better and I’m getting back into the swing of WordPress again!

PS. I am so so so incredibly sorry for the lateness of this post as it’s now Wednesday. I have no clue what happened to this as I’d scheduled it for late Sunday night which is a bit crazy. Sorry my beauties!

Much love, B xo
Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.57.49


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