#WishForItWednesday ❤︎ Skint September – Update

So if you take yourself back to Wednesday, I made a blog post about a Missguided Haul I’d just bought in amongst my Wednesday wishes. Well, I have an update on that, and no, it isn’t a good one.

I’m so so hopping mad that I could quite easily smash my computer off of the Missguided face (if Missguided was a person and actually had a face to begin with, that is.)

As I blogged on Wednesday, I’d bought a gorgeous tribal kimono to match my black jersey swing dress and lace up shoes. I was so buzzed about the outfit, really looked forward to receiving it, and couldn’t wait to try it on. However, the next day (one and a half days exactly after placing my purchase) I received an email telling me that they wouldn’t be able to ship the tribal longline kimono as it was out of stock. Now, not only did that completely enrage me but it really upset me. I’d worked the entire outfit around the kimono; I’d planned everything right down to a T, and I’d spend money that I kind of couldn’t afford to. Only to then be told that the main part of the outfit and the whole reasoning behind it, was out of stock and I wouldn’t even receive it.

Now, I understand that one of the main downfalls to online shopping is that not always is your item available, so when you go to check out, it can then be out of stock.

However when the item has been purchased, the money has been taken out of your account, and you’ve received an email confirming it’s shipment, that’s when it begins to get a little freakin’ suspicious.

I mean, how can they possibly tell a buyer their order has been shipped to them when they don’t have one part of the freakin’ order to ship!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but they’d taken the freakin’ money out of my bank account. Granted, I did receive a refund for the item after I’d been notified that it was out of stock, but that is completely besides the point. 

I do not understand, quite frankly, why the system is unable to automatically update so that when a customer goes to check out their order they are then informed of out-of-stock items. Normally that’s what happens when one is shopping online. SO WHY DIDN’T IT HAPPEN THIS TIME?!?!?!?!?!?! I am completely outraged because not only am I left searching for a kimono in replace of this one, but I’m really upset because I’d bought the rest of the outfit to go with that specific kimono. Yes, okay, it’s a plain black dress and yes, okay, it’s plain black shoes, but I’m still so pissed because if it wasn’t for that kimono, I wouldn’t have purchased the dress and the shoes.

And so you can go ahead and tell me to return the items and get a full refund, but I’d still need to pay for the items to be returned and then I’d need to find a whole other outfit.

I’m just so pissed because I had my heart set on that kimono; I’d practically fell in love with the entire outfit. And now I’m left searching sales and different stores for a kimono I’m never going to find because the one I wanted is no longer a-freakin’-vailable. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I could scream. And I have. But I’m not going to do that anymore because it’s so totally last week and I need to get a grip because it’s only clothes but that outfit was so cute and now I’m buggered cause I dunno what else I can wear.

Argh I hate outfit troubles.

Does anybody have any advice on what else I could wear with the dress and shoes? Please help!

Much love, B xo


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