Fiducia Friday ♥︎ Chapter Three

Mysterious Relations

I was completely prepared for Zac’s visit the following afternoon; and I was looking forward to the company if I’m honest.

My mom and dad had left that morning without so much as checking in on me before they’d left. Andy had stayed out the whole night and had called around lunchtime to say he’d be back the following day. College students really had it easy.

“Scarlett?” Zac’s voice called out after the doorbell rung throughout the house. “Hello?” He called, the door closing behind him.

“I’m in the kitchen, c’mon in!” I called.

I’d thought that transporting myself down here – in a very awkward and un-elegant way – would be easier than laying posed on my bed upstairs.

“Wow I didn’t expect you to be out of bed. How are you feeling?” He asked, entering the kitchen with his motorcycle helmet under one arm, his backpack slung on his other shoulder.

It took me a moment extra to gather my thoughts and reassemble my braincells.

“I’m feeling good, thanks. I wanted a change of scenery so hopped down earlier.” I explained with a proud nod before realising how stupid those words sounded together.

I stopped nodding and cleared my throat; suddenly feeling awkward. I guess last night when Zac had stopped by I’d still been kind of high from the painkillers.

“Uh d’you want anything to drink? Coffee or something?” I suggested, turning in my seat and pointing to the coffee pot.

“I’ll make it,” He said hurriedly, dumping his bag and helmet on the tabletop. “Would you like some?” He asked and I pointed to the cup in front of me.

“Already sorted.” I explained with a smile.


Once Zac had poured his coffee we both sat opposite each other at the kitchen table, talking about school and how different it was back in Italy.

I learned that Zac was re-taking his senior year after bailing out of his final two years to work with his father’s company back in Italy.

I processed this and stored it in my ‘Zac Encyclopaedia’ so that I could explain to Louis and Hollie how rich he was and that he was a whole two years older. That was interesting.

Despite the fact that I was extremely interested in this, I didn’t prepare to then learn that Zac’s father – and mother – had died in a car accident the year previous; which is why Zac was currently here in America. He’d left his dad’s pharmaceuticals company and decided to travel here with his cousins to live closer to his maternal grandparents. They’d not only lost Zac’s mother, but Alex’s too in the crash.

I also learned that no Alex and Zayn were not dating and were in fact cousins. Maternally. Which was interesting. I stored that in the ‘Zac Encyclopaedia’ too and tried to remind myself every ten seconds that Alex was not his girlfriend.


The rest of the week came, and it went, with Zac’s visits lengthening each time. He’d make coffee and we eventually moved into the living room; sitting on the sofa he taught me a few basic Italian words and laughed at my hilarious accent. I told him the best places to go in town and he told me all about Italy.

Just by his descriptions I fell in love with the place.

“Yo Scar only me!” Louis called out on Friday afternoon.

I sat on the sofa, paralysed, having been expecting Zac.

“Lou what you doing here?” I asked, turning my head to see him entering the living room with a broad smile and a pile of paper in his hands.

“I’ve brought your homework, remember?” He asked and my mouth parted in surprise.
“Oh… I’ve already done it,” I explained guiltily. “Didn’t you read any of my texts?” I asked and this time he looked guilty.

“Oh, damn, I forgot to tell you,” He said, rushing to the armchair and sitting the pile of papers down before pulling out his cell; a completely new one by the looks of it. “My folks finally agreed to get me a new one,” He laughed, pointing to the perfectly intact screen. “I mean I’ve dropped it a couple times but thankfully it hasn’t smashed yet.” He joked before passing me the cell with his new number on the screen.

“And you didn’t think to send it to me sooner?” I demanded and he frowned, chewing on his bottom lip.

“Yeah… I, uh… I guess I forgot.”
“Ouch.” I snapped, typing the number in on my contacts before handing the cell back without so much as a glance in his direction.

“So uh… What d’you mean you’ve already done this?” He asked, jerking a thumb down to the pile as he slid his phone back into his jeans’ pocket.

“Well if you would’ve bothered to send me your number or check your old texts, you would know that Zac’s been bringing me notes from my classes along with my daily homework.”
“He’s what?” He choked, his eyes flying wide as I sat nodding my head with a small smile.

“He’s been great, really helpful. He even took my homework and handed it in for me today.” I explained and Louis’ mouth set into a straight, hard line.
“How d’you know he didn’t copy any of your work?” He demanded.
“Because we’re not in any of the same classes.” I retorted just as smugly.
“How d’you know he handed it in at all?”
“Because I emailed my teachers at the start of the week and explained what would be happening. If he hadn’t handed anything in, they would’ve emailed to say.”
“Oh so now you’re using email?” He asked moodily, folding his arms and cocking his head.

“Look I don’t see what the problem is. Now I have time this weekend for us to hang out with Hollie or something, isn’t that what you were complaining about before?”

Suddenly his whole demeanour changed and he shrunk back, chewing on his lip and avoiding my eyes. His blonde curls fell in front of his face and I narrowed my eyes suspiciously.

“You’ve made plans haven’t you?” I demanded and he cleared his throat.

“No it’s just… There’s a game this weekend and…” He shrugged, not even bothering to finish his sentence.

“Scarlett? Hello?” Zac’s voice called out as the front door opened and I called,
“I’m through here.” I looked pointedly at Louis and his eyes flew to the living room door awkwardly.

“Hey sorry I’m-” Zac trailed off as he entered the room to see Louis standing awkwardly opposite me.

“I’ll see you Monday Louis,” I said blatantly and he looked at me frantically with widening eyes, as if asking me if I was being serious. “Enjoy the game.” I added, telling him just exactly what my problem was.

Huffing, Louis gathered the stack of papers before hurrying out of the room; slamming the front door behind him.

“Sorry, I forgot he was s’posed to be stopping by.” I sighed, feeling horribly guilty and somewhat sad for some reason. Zac gave me a small smile as he shook his head and entered the room properly; swinging his backpack off his shoulder and dumping it on the floor in front of the sofa as he sat down.

“Sorry I’m a little later than usual,” He said, pulling off his leather jacket and unzipping his bag. “But these are the things I was telling you about. I stopped off at my apartment to pick them up.” He pulled………

read on to find out…

Much Love, B xo


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