Fiducia Friday ♥︎ Chapter Four

Nothing To Celebrate

Scarlett’s POV

“I can’t stop looking at them.” Hollie said around a mouthful of apple that lunch-time.

“Hollie please,” I groaned, leaning my head in my hands. “All you’ve spoke about for this entire week is how attractive they all are. We get it. They’re hot. You want to sleep with all of them. Now let’s move on.”
“Oh sister I’d love to do more than just sleep with them, wowee.” She whistled and I looked at her pointedly.

Eventually she snapped out of it and smiled apologetically at me.

“It’s been a whole week,” I said matter-of-factly. “Every morning, every break-time and every afternoon you see Zac’s family by the parking lot, and every fucking day you have to comment on how beautiful you find them all. We get it.
“I know, I know, I’m sorry. It’s just, I like what I see and I see what I like.” She shrugged, tossing her apple-core in the trash-can a few feet away, dusting her hands together and settling back in her chair with a lazy and contented smile.

“Fine I’ll bite. I’ll come tomorrow.” I groaned, throwing my hands in the air. She squealed out and cheered, throwing her arms around me.

“But on one condition.” I warned, extending my finger as she pulled back.
“Name it, girl!” She grinned.
“No matter what you do not ditch me and you do not leave me third-wheeling.” She chuckled and grinned.
“Deal! I can make that happen.” She nodded and I sighed shakily, completely unsure of my decision.
“As long as there’s plenty of vodka I don’t really care.” I mumbled; in desperate need of plenty of booze after the hands-on week I’d had.

My arm had been extremely sensitive and so I’d been left abandoned during gym class on the bleachers; left to watch Hollie and the rest of the girls play soccer on the pitch while the guys continued with basketball on the neighbouring court. This, however meant that on the section of the bleachers next to me, sat Zac’s crew.

That consisted of everyone we’d seen in the parking lot at the start of the week; who had just-so-happened to appear in the parking lot every break-time, lunch-time and home-time each day.

Neither Zac nor Alex made an effort to speak or communicate in any way with neither Louis nor I. Louis was miffed about something, what though I wasn’t entirely sure. I knew this because he chose to hang out with Percy and the rest of the soccer team at lunch-time rather than chill with Hollie and I like normal.

Hollie didn’t mind though; it meant she could drool over Zac and his friends without Louis being around to judge.

This was just a total headache for me, though, and made me want to pluck my eyes out or stab a burning-hot-poker through my ears.

“Hello!” Hollie sung, interrupting my reverie.
“S-sorry,” I stuttered, shaking my head to clear it. “What were you saying?” I cleared my throat and finished my coffee while Hollie rolled her eyes and flipped her hair.

“I was saying that I’m planning on wearing my pink dress tomorrow.” She explained.
“Could you narrow that down for me please?” I asked in a quiet voice and she looked at me pointedly.
“The sleeveless one, you know, with the spaghetti straps…?” When recognition didn’t dawn she proceeded with, “The Broderie Anglaise one? With the ribbon belt that ties at the back?” Still no reaction. “Oh c’mon Scar! The one that crosses at the front, dips down pretty low?”
“Oh yeah!” I gushed. “The slutty one!” She looked at me with slightly narrowed eyes and I realised what I’d just said.

“I mean… It’s a beautiful dress, real pretty. I like the length, and the ribbon tie… It’s just a little… low-cut.” She narrowed her eyes even further at me and I smiled innocently sweet at her.

“I’m wanting to pull Percy tomorrow, Scarlett. Not bore him into super-early retirement.” I smirked and nodded my head. Okay, message received loud and clear.

“So what’re you gonna wear?” She asked me as we gathered our things to leave before the bell for next class rung.

“I dunno, probably just some jeans or a skirt or something.”
“No jeans, hell no Scarlett.” She snapped defensively and I refrained from groaning or rolling my eyes. Again.
“Fine, I’ll wear my patterned skirt. The one you like.”
“With the ankle boots?!” She said hopefully and this time I couldn’t hold my groan back.
“Why heels?” I whined.
“Why not is a better question!”
“Hollie it’s a house party.” I stated slowly.
“Yeah, and we’re wanting to look our best.” She said, looping her arm through my left.
“No, you’re wanting to look your best. I don’t really care.”
“Scar you’d turn up to the party wearing jeans, tee and converse if you could. I know, I know,” She laughed. “But you’re not going to. You’re gonna put on that cute skirt with your chunky boots, and you’re gonna pair them with that cute little halter-neck you got the other week.”
“Oh, you mean the one you practically forced my arm to buy?”
“Exactly! See, perfect! I knew you’d love it.” She shrugged over the sound of the bell ringing.

I narrowed my eyes at her and pursed my lips but she merely grinned sweetly and waved her hand before ducking inside her next class.

I sighed emphatically and ran a hand through my hair in dread; tomorrow wasn’t going to be a pretty sight, that was for sure.


“I can’t believe your mom and dad agreed to letting you go.” Louis said over the phone the following evening.
“I haven’t even told them.” I said with the cell pressed between my shoulder and ear.
“You mean you’re going out to a party on a Saturday night and you haven’t told your parents?” He fake-gasped.
“Louis, they’re never around,” I stated impatiently, flicking the iron off and gathering my outfit in my hands just as the doorbell rang. “I mean it’d be different if they were actually here to you know, give a damn. But they’re not. They’re both on-call tonight so they’ll be staying at the clinic.” I explained as I left the laundry-room and headed along the hall to the front door.

“Will Andy tell them d’you think?” Louis asked as I pulled the front door open to a screaming Hollie.
“I’M SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!” She squealed, pushing inside my house with a dress-bag in one hand; an overnight bag in the other.

“Is that Hollie?” Louis laughed on the other end.
“Uh, Hollie,” I said, closing the door slowly and following her upstairs in a daze. “What d’you think you’re doing?” I demanded and she grinned, throwing her things down on the bottom of my bed and spinning to me with a broad grin.

“I’m here to get ready silly,” She laughed. “What does it look like?” I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a long moment, watching as she turned to her bag on the bed and unzipped it, pulling out a bottle of vodka and turning back to me, showing it to me and waggling her eyebrows.

“Pre-drinkin’ time baby!” She sung, pushing past me out of my bedroom.

“Gee you guys are gonna be wrecked by the time you get here.” Louis laughed. He’d gone over to Percy’s that afternoon and we’d been on the phone for over an hour while he basically tried to convince me that everything was going to be fine tonight and I’d have a great time if I just came and gave it a shot.

“Hollie will be at any rate.” I mumbled into the phone, slowly following her from my bedroom.
“To be fair, she sounds like she’s already on her way to full-blown-mortal.” I nodded my head and groaned.
“I hope you’re right about tonight.”
“Oh I am,” He sung on the other line as I followed Hollie inside the kitchen. “I’m rarely wrong.”


“How did you even get here anyway?” I asked as Hollie crossed her legs on my bed, resting back against the headboard with her glass of vodka and coke in her hand.
“Look outside.” She smirked, tipping her head to the window.

Frowning I clambered off the bottom of my bed and left my room, walking along the hall to the window at the top of the stairs. I gasped and hurried back inside my bedroom.
You drove?” I half-squealed and she grinned, nodding her head and squealing as she sat up and put her drink on the nightstand.

“I passed this morning!” She thrilled and I screamed, setting my own drink down and throwing my arms around her.
“Congratulations!” I squealed, pulling back and clapping my hands gleefully.

“I thought I could drive us to the party tonight.” She said, waggling her eyebrows and reaching for her drink.
“Uh… Hol?” I looked pointedly at the glass she was bringing to her lips and she laughed.
“Don’t worry, this is well within the legal limit, silly, and besides it’s only one and the party isn’t for a few hours yet.” She then choked as she glanced at her phone-clock and panic lit up her face.

“I need to get ready.” She gushed, clambering off the bed while reaching for her over-night bag.

My mouth fell open in surprise as she opened the bag and tipped out the contents; showing me her endless supply of makeup and hair products she’d brought with her along with a set of pyjamas.

“You’re planning on wearing all of that?” I asked, pointing to the mountain of makeup piled on my bed.
“Yep. C’mon little one, let’s go!” She said, clicking her fingers in front of me.

I looked at her with wide eyes and a panicked expression.
“You didn’t really think I was letting you do your own hair and makeup did you?” She asked and I looked offended. “You do it beautifully it’s just, don’t you want to pull Mr. Larinsones?” I frowned in confusion.
“What’re you talking about?” As if realising she’d just said something she shouldn’t have she groaned and took the drink from my hands, setting it on the nightstand next to her own before taking me by the hand and setting me down at my dresser, spinning me around on the chair so I was facing her.
“We’re getting you ready now before I die of old-age.” She said matter-of-factly, coming at me with a bottle of primer.
“Hold up!” I yelled, leaping to my feet and jumping across my bed to my nightstand. Erratically I snatched my glass and threw my drink back, the vodka painfully burning my throat and nostrils before I gasped a breath and shook my head, the liquid sliding down my throat easier that way.

“Okay, sorry,” I apologised, jumping back across my bed and plopping back down in front of her; excitement beginning to bubble in my stomach. “Proceed.”


It was just before eight when Hollie and I were eventually ready; my entire house throbbing with the bass of the music we were blasting from my bedroom. We danced around the empty house like we were already drunk and praised our reflections in my bedroom mirror excitedly. I’d had an extra two drinks for Dutch courage while Hollie had stuck by her rule of driving. I was so proud and happy for her that I didn’t protest in the slightest. Truth be told; I wanted to show off her good news just as much as she did.

I wore the black halter-neck Hollie had suggested which tied at the back of my neck in thin spaghetti straps. Matching perfectly with my black, pink orange and blue aztec print skirt. I wore tights and the black ankle-boots Hollie had suggested while she wore her pink dress and wedges. She looked so cute whereas I looked like I was about to go do the rain-dance or something.

However I was overly pleased with my makeup as Hollie had done a miraculous job working my face. She’d highlighted and contoured and blended until I was convinced she done this as a job on the side, and that’s how she’d been able to afford her first year of car insurance for the car her parents had bought her for her eighteenth birthday a couple months previous.

“Alright let’s go girl!” She cheered, snatching up her purse as I shut off the music.
“I’m excited.” I admitted as I locked up the house and hid my key in the yard gnome’s bucket, hurrying down the path to her car.
“Me too. I wonder what my boy’s wearing.” She squealed as she slid into the driver’s seat.
“Okay you did not just get excited about Percy’s choice of clothing,” I grimaced, thrilling in the fact that she’d just started the engine and had done the whole mirror-check-seatbelt-check seemingly without even thinking about it. “I mean you know he’s just going to be wearing another of his polos and his varsity jacket.” I rolled my eyes, wowing myself into silence as Hollie took off away from my house without so much as stalling once.

“Ouch,” She laughed, looking over at me and shaking her head of perfect curls. “It’s like you don’t find him attractive at all.” She stated and I gawped at her.
“What d’you think I’ve been saying to you this past month?” I groaned. “I don’t find him attractive at all.” I stated emphatically and she sighed, puffing hair out of her eyes.

“Just because you’ve had a few drinks, the truth is just pouring out now.”
“Is this going to be our first domestic of the night? Because I need to know whether I can save my slurred insults for later or use them just know.” Hollie laughed and shook her head, taking off again from a stop sign.

“Okay, okay, point taken. I guess I’m just defensive.” She shrugged cutely.
“Aw, Hol…” I cooed, reaching over to rub her cheek fleetingly before she batted me away. “That was almost-cute. Well done.”


“Are you sure this is the right address?” It was over half an hour later and we were on the outskirts of town, pulling up to a huge mansion-like house with massive black steel gates with a crowd of cars lining up the half-a-mile-long driveway.

“That’s the address Louis texted me earlier. He said it was ‘big’ not fucking-ginormous.” She said in awe, rolling to a stop in front of the gates.

“Password.” A drunken guy slurred from the pillar on the side of the gates.
“Clearly you don’t have a clue otherwise you’d be in there already,” I said from my open window as I reached out to push the intercom button.
“Percy’s palace of perfectly-plump-penises and perpetually-peckish-pals, Louis-the-luscious here speak boy-wonder or forever hold your pussy-starved-tongue!”
“You sexist disgusting rat, open the gate before I burn your tongue out of your head.” I called into the intercom. An eruption of laughter echoed from the other end of the intercom and I could practically see him blush.

“S-Scarlett I had no idea.”
“Did he just say perfectly-plump-penises or am I trippin’?” Hollie called, leaning across towards the intercom. More frantic laughter echoed and Louis choked,
“Just come right in.” More laughter howled and even I had a giggle at that dirty innuendo as I pulled myself back through the window and the gates before us cracked open.

“Well there’s nothing I can do about that.” Hollie said, pointing to the drunken guy as he staggered through the small gap which was widening as the gates open.

“Don’t worry he’ll probably pass-out half-way to the house.” I claimed sarcastically as Hollie drove slowly through the gates over the cobblestoned-driveway.

There were people out in the driveway in little clusters here and there; most making-out and a couple arguing but most just smoking – probably blunts – and drinking on the grass in the centre of the large driveway.

“I didn’t know his folks were this rich.” Hollie said in awe as we both peered through the windshield at the massive gaff.
“I can’t believe he goes to Gryffinix High.” I stated in surprise.

As we approached the house over the large and unfurling driveway, the music hit us like a brick wall and the pair of us exchanged excited glances at the sheer volume.

Neighbours were very few and far between this far out, so there’d be nobody to disturb or rat us out to the cops.

Hollie rolled to a stop at the very end of the driveway, pulling in front of a large black SUV type car that had ‘51R3NA’ as the reg.
“Who the hell is that supposed to be?” I asked as she parked the car.
“I don’t know, I don’t recognise it, do you?” She asked and I shook my head, shrugging as she cut the engine.
“I’m nervous.” I admitted sheepishly, nibbling on my lip.

“Oh screw it I’m not driving anymore.” She said, pulling a hip-flask from her purse. She looked pointedly at my own and I sighed, pulling my own flask out of my purse. “On the count of three we chug it all.” She said and my eyes went wide for a moment before I sighed and nodded reluctantly. We both counted before throwing our heads back and emptying the contents of the flasks. When we were finished, wincing and spluttering slightly we threw the empty flasks on the back seat.

“You do know that as soon as this air hits us we’re going to feel this more than a Brazilian wax, right?”
“Honey screw a Brazilian, more like a Hollywood.” She winced; dabbing the corners of her mouth and fluffing her hair before turning to me with a wicked smile. “Let’s go get ‘em girl!” She squealed before we both grinned in equal excitement and climbed out of the car.

Zac’s POV

“I can’t believe you made me come to this lame-ass party with all these cazzos.” I groaned, laying back on the grass in the front yard and trying not to imagine what kind of lame thing the crew-cut-cazzo was getting up to in the house behind me.

“Will you just calm the fuck down?” Lee asked, tossing Bryan’s cigarettes at me.
“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do.” I snapped, lighting up a cigarette and tossing them back at his face.

Brianna and Alex laughed as I got him square on the eyes and he growled at me.
“You need to get shit-faced tonight bro. You’re really beginning to become a pain in my ass.” He snapped, sitting down next to me on the grass.
“Well go home then.” I shrugged simply, blowing smoke into his face.
“Incoming.” Brianna said as she looked towards the gates in front of us, interrupting whatever it was Bryan had been about to say.

I looked up, dragging on my cigarette as I focused on the car behind the gates of the pathetic-excuse-of-a-mansion. I choked and began coughing violently as I saw Scarlett half-hanging out of a glossy red car window, leaning over to push the button on the intercom, laughing something to the brunette as someone answered the intercom.

Lee vigorously patted my back, his own smoke between his teeth as he smirked at battering me so violently.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the way her long ginger hair was shining in the dim light of the sunset, her fringe falling in her eyes as she looked shocked and appalled at whatever was being said to her from inside the house.

I simply stared, completely shocked to see her here of all places before realising that of course she’d be here. Her best-friend wanted to fuck the crew-cut-cazzo’s eyes out, of course she’d tag along as her wingman.

I was surprised to see the brunette behind the wheel, especially as I eyed the slick red car she was driving while it passed through the gates, allowing the drunk douche from before to come back into the ‘rich’ grounds.

Scarlett was laughing with her friend as they drove through the gates, eyeing the house miraculously.

I found myself wondering just how beautiful Scarlett would’ve looked if she could see the types of houses back home in Italy. Now those were proper mansions. I couldn’t help but picture her beautiful face even more emphasised in awe and surprise, even prettier than how it looked now as she observed the house and the drunken people in the front yard around us.

I felt a small burning ache in my fingertips but that was nothing compared to the ache I felt as I watched Scarlett’s beautiful face in innocent awe.

“Zac, fucking watch it!” Alex snapped, slapping my hand.

“What the fuck?!” I yelled, turning to stare up at her angrily. She pointed a blood-red fingernail to the grass beside me and I looked down; seeing my cigarette butt on the grass and the ash burning the ground around it.

“It would’ve burnt your fucking fingers off.” She snapped, folding her arms.
Vaffanculo.” I mumbled, rubbing my fingertips together and trying not to admit that she was right. I’d probably burnt my fingerprints off but I didn’t care.

The rest of the guys were gawping now too as I turned around to see the slick red car pulling into the space in front of Xavier’s SUV. There was a moment of stillness before Scarlett’s car door opened and her long legs folded themselves out of the vehicle, her slick pale arm reaching out for the car-door to balance her as she brought herself to a stance, shimmying her short patterned skirt down past her ass a little more.

She was laughing hysterically with the brunette and her ginger hair was being tossed around beautifully in the light breeze.

She reached forward and with a flick of her hand slammed the car-door closed, laughing and hurrying around to the path where the brunette was stood in a skimpy pink dress. They looped arms and disappeared from view behind the cars as they made their way inside the house.

“I don’t know bout you guys but I’m parched.” Lee said as soon as the blonde-cazzo opened the door and allowed the pair inside the house.

Aspetta!” I called, reaching out and snatching the back of his shirt as I scrambled to my feet.
He groaned, spinning to face me as I let go of his shirt.

“You’re not going anywhere near her!” I warned, stepping close to him.

“Lee’s right, I need a drink, let’s go.” Bryan said, stubbing his cigarette out and making his way for the house.
Aspetta.” Brianna said in a serious tone, throwing a hand out to stop him as they all realised Lee and I were staring each other out threateningly.

“The last time I checked, figa, you weren’t interested in her.” He said without the slightest hint of humour or joy.
“It doesn’t matter if I’m interested in her or not, you’re not going anywhere near her.”
“Who says?” He jerked his chin, narrowing his eyes, daring me to challenge him.
“Me.” I said and he smirked, arching a brow.
“You worried she’d take me over you?” He asked with a slight curve to the side of his mouth. “Figa.” He added and I groaned, reaching out to……….

click here to read on.

Much love, B xo


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