Style It Saturday ♡ That Awkward “Fancy-Casual” Outfit

Happy Saturday Beauties! ♡

Now we’ve all been there; that party we haven’t really wanted to go to, wearing that outfit we’re not entirely certain of. I mean, who has an in-between party??? There isn’t a dress-code, and it’s a surprise party; so the birthday girl can’t even tell us what she’ll be wearing because she doesn’t even know it’s happening yet!

But don’t you just hate it when you’re going somewhere special, and everyone’s like “Oh it’s just fancy-casual”. Like ?????? What does that even mean????? Do I wear heels????? Do I wear jeans????? It’s a complete mind-feck for every girl as we sit there staring at our wardrobes hating on our friends for giving us such limited information.

Personally speaking I always go over-dressed to things. It isn’t deliberate, it’s just I like to dress formal and fancy even if it’s only out shopping. I say “fancy” and “formal” in the loosest of ways. Really I just mean heeled boots (chunky of course, my ankles cannot handle stilettos sadly) and jeans with maybe a blouse or a nice shirt, with pretty “Princess” makeup and hair. Mainly this is because I don’t like the “casual” outfits I have, particularly because I don’t like the way I look in plain jeans and a plain t-shirt; ever since I was a baby I was dressed in the best of gear; fancy little outfits with matching accessories. I’m just that kind of person.

So when someone says to me “oh it’s fancy-casual” I give them a look of sheer hatred and feel my mind begin to melt and burn at the thought of my wardrobe and limited outfit choices.

Which is where we reach today’s predicament. I have no freakin’ clue what to wear to my younger cousin’s 18th birthday party. As aforementioned it’s a surprise party, which means she’ll probably be in her usual jeans-and-a-blouse attire. Now, this is where the confusion kicks in because her friends are super girly girly-girls and I have 0 clue of what they’re going to wear. However i haven’t seen my cousin in years and haven’t ever met any of her friends; so I can’t even as them for advice without looking like an A class loony.

My momma wants me to go “fancy” however her term of “fancy” and mine are two completely different things. She wants me to wear a black and grey checked felt skater skirt and a long sleeved grey top to match, but that outfit makes me look about 13 and I don’t want to give that impression. I want to give the “I’m the mature, sophisticated cousin” vibe not the “yeah I’m actually older, I know, you wouldn’t think it to look at me” vibe. Ye feel me??

I’m digging the jeans and heels idea my friend gave me; but my momma is not. She’s telling me heels aren’t a good idea, but really I think she wants me to look like I’m barely out of high school. I have a few ideas up my sleeve; all of which my momma is going to hate; but I’m liking them, not loving, so we’ll see how jeans and heels pan out.

What is your ideal fancy-casual outfit?

Much love, B xo


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