Marvel Monday 💘 Newest Obsession

Happy Monday my beauties!

So lately I’ve developed a new obsession; Marvel. And no I don’t mean the “oh I marvel in such things” i mean Marvel as in Captain America, Thor etc and oh my goodness where has this been my entire life?????

I feel like I’ve majorly been missing out and I’m disappointed in myself. 

No matter, at least I’m a fan now, and can I just start this off by saying Captain America is my ultimate favourite. I absolutely adore the whole idea, I love the fact that the movie is set during the war and I adore the whole Agent Peggy Carter thing, like she’s absolutely fantastic and she’s a prime example of what I’ve been ranting about for weeks now. We need more female characters in major movies etc like her, because she stands to show that females are needed in every aspect of life purely for their tenacity, independence and strength. Not in a “every man needs a woman” way, but in a strength and fabulousness way, because so many books and movies nowadays (since 50 Shades of Grey) have labelled women as submissive beings which in the majority of cases is so not true. And we need more female characters to show that.

Peggy Carter really shows what that’s all about, I love her! And I adore Captain America for the amount of incredible actors there are in the film. Stanley Tucci is probably one of my all-time favourite actors, so I freaked out a little bit when I found out he was in it, as well as Dominic Cooper and need I mention Chris Evans?!?!?!?!?!?!

But then I need to refrain from going all drooly-dribbly-freak when it comes to the Marvel men, and instead focus on the stories themselves.

Out of them all I think Captain America is really the most “believable” out of them all. Growing up, my parents hated all sci-fi and “far-fetched-fiction” so I didn’t grow up watching Marvel movies or Terminator or anything like that, purely because they were so far fetched and we just didn’t enjoy them. But now that I’m older I’m growing curious to the Marvel craze which is why I’ve started watching the movies. 

I completely get the whole magic serum that made Steve Rogers become Captain America, I totally understand that that is the far-fetched part of the movie, but it’s not as though he’s fallen from the sky and is battling in some ancient robes like in Thor, it’s not as though he’s bursting out of his clothes with all this rage and green like the Hulk, or flying through the air in a suit of aluminium armour. 

Don’t get me wrong, I freakin’ love Thor and Iron Man (I’m terrified of the Hulk so I haven’t watched that movie, nor do I ever plan to) but they’re less believable than Captain America, and so I think that’s probably why I love Captain America the most. That and Chris Evans is incredibly dreamy.

Firstly I watched Captain America: The First Avenger, and then I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor, Thor: The Dark World and then lastly all of the Iron Man movies. Now, I know all of you Marvel fans are going to read that and go crazy because that is not the correct order to watch them all in!!!!!! Dolly Molly me realised this after watching Iron Man 3 when I realised that there was actually a timeline in which everything was to be watched. Then I discovered that there was an Agent Carter TV Show and an Agents of SHIELD TV Show too; staring Agent Phil Coulson from the Iron Man films and I started kicking myself stupid. 

So I got straight to Google and searched “what order to watch the Marvel films” and this web page came up. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 22.06.23

Personally I wished that I’d Googled this first before attempting to watch anything of Marvel’s as I’m truly disappointed that there’s a timeline to these things that I stupidly ignored without even thinking.

So if you haven’t watched any of Marvel, follow the timeline and get right on it!!!!!

Honestly, discovering Marvel has been the highlight of my entire summer and I’m so so happy that I found it. I absolutely love everything I’ve watched so far; more so Captain America and Agent Carter. Which I’m surprised about if I’m honest because I usually find war-time programmes extremely tedious and boring, but I thoroughly enjoy this. Maybe it just stands to show that I prefer the American twist to the war than the British – who knows?

Currently i’m on Episode 19 of Season 1 Agent’s of SHIELD – and can I just say WHAT THE FECKING HELL?! – before I watch Guardians of the Galaxy which in all honesty I’m not looking forward to, it looks quite alien-ish and I’m not digging the trailer so far. But I’ll persevere and stick to the timeline, because I’m a stickler for that kind of thing, and so far so good.

Are you a fan of Marvel? What films have you watched? Do they live up to the comics?

Much love, B xo


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