Primark Haul 💝 Review

Hello my beauties!

I hope you’re all enjoying being back at school / uni / college ect!

So on Monday I went shopping; there’s nothing like a good dose of retail therapy to brighten up your mood upon the return to uni. And I spent a fortune on new clothes and makeup. It makes me so so happy you have no idea.
So the first post from this shopping spree is my Primark Haul. Now I’m super excited about this because I absolutely love the things Primark has in store this season. Things you’d pay a fortune for from River Island and New Look ect are in Primark for a third of the price – bargain!
For instance I spent £120 in Primark on Monday and I bought two dresses, two blouses, a pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, a pair of boots, a woollen poncho, a fluffy gilet, a new bra, a pack of nail clippers and a pack of nail files plus I bought my mum a new coat and a couple packs of tights / pop socks. (How old fashioned!) I think to spend that amount of money in the high street stores and get as much as I did on Monday is so so rare. Last year for going to uni I spent roughly the same amount in New Look and only had three new tops and two new skirts and a bag (i think).


First up is my gorgeous ivory chiffon cross-wrap blouse, now it does have a pussy-bow (as they call it – which I think sounds ridiculous) however my momma has agreed to stitch the top after removing this for me as I think it looks rather odd with the bow. This I’m going to pair with my black high-wasited skinny jeans I bought on the same day, I think this outfit looks amazing and altogether cost only £20 – a whopping £20 cheaper than the same outfit from Missguided!


The second blouse I bought is just stunning and can’t be appreciated properly in the above picture, however it’s black with buttons up the front and lace running from the collar across the tops of the shoulders and right down to the cuffs – but only running along the top meaning that not all of the sleeves are lace. It’s a beautifully intricate blouse however it is made a little smaller in size so I had to get a bigger size than my usual.


The leggings are so so comfy and a whole lot prettier in real life. They’re black and white checked high-waist with two fake zip pockets. I think these will look lovely with a sleeveless white chiffon blouse tucked in, or even a black turtle neck jumper in the winter. I’d pair them with grey platform heels to dress them up – or black chunky sole shoes to dress them down.
The two dresses are plain day-dresses and are both black. One I wore to uni yesterday and absolutely adore – I’ve really been waiting an awfully long time for a dress like this and I think it’s gorgeous. It’s a burnt black t-shirt dress with short sleeves slightly turned up. And the second is a cotton ribbed long sleeved high-neck midi dress – perfect for the winter to wear with tights and ankle boots – isn’t this exciting!!!!!


This picture isn't entirely clear and I do apologise for the snapchat banner, but this is how I wore the black t-shirt dress yesterday.
Next is the ankle boots which cost £15 and are very plain and simple. Plain black flats with a fake zip on the outer side; will look perfect with jeans and a loose or baggy sweatshirt or jumper in the colder weather. I’m not entirely sure how much poor weather they’ll be able to maintain though as they are pretty thin and flimsy looking, but they’re cute nonetheless.
One of my favourite items from the shopping spree has got to be the fluffy gilet. I adore this item and think it looks expensive and super cute.


I cannot wait to wear this item; it’s going to look fabulous with ripped skinnies and chunky heeled boots paired with a long sleeved jumper. This item too is a little small-made so again I purchased the larger size. It has fish-and-eye hooks to keep it closed, or just a simple fake leather tan belt for those of us who don’t like to feel too claustrophobic and too wrapped up.
Last but certainly not least is the woollen poncho I mentioned earlier. I cannot wait for winter purely so I can wear this poncho. It’s thick and warm and is definitely going to keep the heat in on those chilly mornings. The colours remind me of an Indian tribe – I have no idea why as I thought they were all browns and oranges and reds – and will look great with jeans and chunky boots.


This poncho doesn’t come in any specific sizes, only S, S/M, M, M/L, L and I’m unsure if they also do XL XXL – that’s something worth looking into if you like your outerwear to be big and baggy like I do.
So, if you haven’t gotten yourselves down to Primark to check out their new season range, then do so immediately. They have gorgeous coats (With hoods yay!!!) which are definitely worth taking a look at for when the horrible weather starts creeping in. Their shoe range is also expanding so if you love little ballet pumps or moccasins or brogues, check them out as they have all in pretty neutral and pastel colours. I also recommend checking out their accessories as their bags and hats are really improving; felt floppy fedoras are something of a trend in all stores right now, and Primark is certainly accepting the challenge.  Also, for all of you sporty people out there, the sportswear department is really improving with running shorts and padded sports bras really making a big hit in store – so check it out.

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed Primark’s new season or if you’re going to check it out too.
Much love, B xo


2 thoughts on “Primark Haul 💝 Review

  1. you’re so lucky!! i’m so impressed with how much stuff you got 😀 i’m definitely going to check out primark now 🙂
    such a cool look!! I love the details too 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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