Fiducia Friday ♥︎ Chapter Five

Italian Bugiardo’s and Testa-Di-Cazzo’s

Zac’s POV

I woke up the following morning, the roof of Xavier’s car staring back at me.
“What the fuck?” I moaned, rolling into a sitting position before jumping and cursing at the sight of Bryan and Lee in the front of the car, peering back at me; the pair of them stuffing their faces with breakfast rolls and coffee.

“You think they did it up here or back there?” Lee mumbled around a mouthful of bacon.
“Nah man, no room through here, they definitely did it back there.”
“What if they didn’t do it?”
“Oh they done it. Did you see his neck?”
“And his back.” Lee cackled and I frowned before realising I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt.
“Why do I feel like I’ve had the shit beaten out of me?” I groaned. “And what the fuck are you two girls banging on about?” I mumbled, leaning forward and snatching Bryan’s coffee out of his hands.
“You and Scarlett last night bro.” Lee said and I spat my coffee all over the back of Bryan’s seat.
“Bro Xav’s gon’ kill you.” Bryan laughed as Lee simply glared at me.

“Scarlett and me what?” I demanded and the pair shared a look.

“You mean you don’t remember?” Bryan asked and slowly I shook my head, catching sight of my t-shirt on the floor at my feet. I reached down and snatched it up, uncovering a pair of girl’s boots. The last time I’d seen them, Scarlett had been climbing out of Hollie’s car. I observed my torn t-shirt and groaned, it was coming back to me now.


I pushed through the people clogging up the kitchen and shoved through the doorway into the conservatory and then out the patio doors to the back deck.

There were stairs, but only leading down from the deck onto the grass and figuring Scarlett was wearing heeled boots, I knew she wouldn’t want to go traipsing across the grass anyway so I led her toward the patio table in the corner and pulled out a chair for her.

The deck was scattered with a few people here and there, and the back yard was filled with people making-out and a couple dry-humping at the back. There was a girl crying with her friend in another area and a couple arguing on the opposite side of the deck.

“Exhibit A,” Scarlett sighed as she lowered herself onto one of the chairs by the table. I leaned against the deck banister, not wanting to sit down quite yet. “Anything can happen at a party.” She mumbled, looking pointedly toward the couple arguing. Well, really it was just a girl spitting real close to a guy’s face as he took each word bashfully, staggering back against the banister pretty drunk himself.

“Not if you’re with the right people.” I shrugged, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of my back pocket.
“You smoke?” She choked in surprise and I looked down at her with a frozen expression to find her staring in disgust at the packet in my hands.
“It helps me relax.” I explained, pulling one out along with my lighter.
“So you ride a motorcycle, are re-sitting your senior year and you smoke cigarettes,” She rolled off quickly. “Did you just read the ‘how to be a badass’ manual and think ‘yep that’s for me, better go do that’?” I laughed at her tone and her expression and shook my head in awe, putting the smoke between my teeth and lighting up.
“There’s a manual?” I asked with the cigarette still between my teeth. She looked at me pointedly and I smirked, “Really, it’s not that bad,” I shrugged. I took a deep drag while holding her eyes and a moment later blew the smoke out with a cocky smirk. “Even you have to admit,” I said slowly. “It isn’t that bad.”

Her brows furrowed for a moment.
“What part are you talking about?” She asked in a small voice, watching the cigarette as I brought it back between my lips, knowing I had her like putty in my hand and loving every second of it.

I could feel my warm blood pulsing through my veins, red-hot with the vodka still sloshing around in the cup in my hand.

“What part do you think I’m talking about?” I asked and she looked up at my eyes.
“I’m drunk,” She blurted and I laughed, making her smile up at me sloppily. “Which means I’m easily confused,” She explained and gave a small sigh. “So what part are you talking about?” I blew out the smoke and tapped the ash of the cigarette.
“Smoking.” I said simply and she licked her painted lips, still begging me to kiss them.

“Smoking is…” She looked down at the cigarette between my fingers and followed it as I brought it back between my lips, pulling on it while staring right at her. She licked her lips again. “Is uh…” I brought the cigarette back out of my mouth and arched a questioning brow at her. “Uh…” I smirked and blew the smoke out. “What was I saying?” She asked and I decided I liked drunk Scarlett.

Sober Scarlett would be blushing and incredibly embarrassed that she’d just more-or-less subconsciously admitted to me that I was distracting her in every way possible.

“You were saying how attractive you find me.” I joked, gulping on my vodka, praying that she’d agree.
“That may be true, but I’m not that drunk that I’d admit it,” She said before I choked and spluttered on my vodka, laughing at the fact she’d just admitted it and claimed she never would. “Oh shit Scarlett you dick.” She groaned, covering her face with her hand.

“You are not a dick, bello.” She pulled her hands away from her face and looked up at me through her lashes with a flustered expression.

“Anyway…” She sung, getting to her feet and sipping more of her drink. “To change the conversation…” She said, sipping more vodka. “This should probably be my last one…” She admitted, looking into her – surprisingly enough, now empty – cup. She nibbled on her lip as she set it down on the table and walked to the banister next to me, leaning beside it and sighing.

From this close, I could smell her perfume.

It was sweet, but not like honey-sweet. It smelled good. She smelled like chocolate and strawberries too. I could smell the faint tinge of coffee and the strong overwhelming smell of vodka.

I brought the cigarette to my lips, determined to block out her smell as much as her presence and what it was doing to me.

I blew out the smoke and reached to take another drag before realising the cigarette was gone from my hand.

Frowning I looked down at my feet, realising I was more drunk than I thought if I dropped a half-smoked cigarette.

However my frown only deepened as I realised there was no cigarette on the ground. I looked up at Scarlett to see her smirking at me as she brought the cigarette to her parted lips.

There was something about her with that cigarette in her mouth, puffing on it with those plump-plum lips that just made my heart jolt.

“Am I doing this right?” She asked as she blew out the smoke, smirking at the look on my face.

My mouth was parted and words wouldn’t come to me as I nodded my head, watching her in awe.
“What’s wrong?” She asked with the cigarette between her teeth. I thought hard for words, but couldn’t figure out how to speak.

Her green eyes glanced over me and I gulped, my mouth snapping shut.

“Scarlett…” Finally, a word, her name, came to me and I stepped forward, knowing this wasn’t right.
“I guess I’m doing something right.” She smirked, looking from my crotch to my face with sparkling emerald eyes. She blew the smoke straight into my face as I opened my mouth to speak.
“You shouldn’t be…” She took a step forward, our chests pressing together.
“Stop me.” She said, bringing the cigarette to her lips again, cocking an eyebrow daring me to stop her.
“You want to smoke?” I asked, snatching the cigarette out of her hand before she could catch up to what was happening. “Then let’s smoke.” I took a drag of the cigarette, watching as she frowned and put her hand over mine, taking the cigarette back out of my hand.

Before I could change my mind I reached out…………

To read on click here.

Much love, B xo


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