Fashion Friday ♥︎ Fav Fashion Frock!

Hello my beauties!

It’s good to be back!

*For the makeup tutorial / review, scroll to the bottom*
Today I’m using all the F’s and doing an article on my favourite fashion look from this week. There’s been quite a few, and in all honesty I’m considering doing “7 outfits in 7 days” as i really really really like the idea of sharing all of these super cute outfits with you. I have no idea where they’re all coming from, but I love how I’m literally getting up in the mornings (super early because I’m back at uni) and throwing on ultra cute outfits which I’m being drowned in compliments for! 
However, my favourite outfit from the last week has got to be the formal / casual outfit I wore last Saturday to go for drinks with my uni friend. 
Some of you may be aware of my Primark haul last week, others may not. (if you’d like to check it out – which I strongly advise you do if you love a good fashionable bargain – click here
Last Saturday I wore my new fluffy gillet from Primark along with my new black high waisted jeans – also from Primark. I paired this with an elbow-length burgundy lace crop-top I got a few years ago for Christmas and oxblood patent buckle ankle boots from Missguided.


I have just this second realised I didn't get a full-length picture of my outfit which is uber-annoying. However this is a partially-full photo. Sorry lovelies!
This outfit was perfect because it kept me warm when it was quite breezy on the walk from the train station; it was comfortable; and when I got too warm in the bar I took off the gilet and felt much better for it! Plus the gilet gave me a formal / fancy look to dress me up for the Saturday afternoon rush.


Now onto my makeup. I loved this makeup look and I’ve been so so excited to post this article to share it with you.
For Saturday I searched on Google for quick and easy, pretty eyeshadow tutorials. Now, I am very amateur and very limited with my makeup looks as there’s only a select amount of makeup I will use / have. The only eyeshadow looks I can create, are those using Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette as that is the only eyeshadow palette I have – I swear by it! Luuuurve ❤
So, Google gave me this suggestion:


And at first I was a little apprehensive but then I thought “why not” and started getting ready a huge amount of hours early just incase I didn’t like it.


When finished, here is how it looks.
If you’re wanting that sort of “everyday flawless” look from your makeup, this is a superb look to go for. I really went for it when it came to contouring, so that my makeup looked that little bit fancier for going out, and I got uber amounts of compliments regarding this look, so even if you don’t want to go overboard on your foundation / face / contouring / lipstick, then this eyeshadow look will still make you stand out from the crowd.


Step 1: Make sure you’ve already moisturised etc, and prime your eyes using the eyeshadow primer you usually use. In this instance I used Urban Decay’s original eyeshadow primer. You may also notice that I have tape at the sides of my eyes – this is micropore and does not hurt to use on your skin; it leaves no marks or redness and doesn’t hurt whatsoever when removing. I use this to gain a clean line in the shadow in order to give it that ultra defined, super sleek, really clean look.


Step 2: This is how it looks after you’ve planted the Verve on your lid and placed Booty Call to highlight your brow-bone. (Please ignore my desperately overgrown eyebrows). Now at this point I was a little dissatisfied and disheartened. I couldn’t see Verve and I couldn’t see my highlighted browbone. So then why was I doing this?? It seemed a little pointless to me, but I carried on nevertheless; do not be dishearted at this stage; keep going until you’ve reached the final step, trust me.


Step 3: Apply Tease. Now in the beginning when I first got my Naked 2 palette, Tease was my favourite shade; I wore it everyday in different looks and absolutely adored the matte smoky shade it produced. However now I prefer lighter shades, but every now and again I love the smokiness of this shadow. It doesn’t matter how messy you apply your shadows with this tutorial, because later on in the process I’ll show you what I do to “tidy up” and how I make it look better regardless as to how messy it is.


Step 4: Pistol & YDK. I love love love the shade YDK, I think it perfects just about any shadow / makeup look. Especially in this look where when paired with pistol, it gives that beautifully subtle smoky edge to your eyelids. Now as you can see in the picture, this step may look a little messy for the tops of your eyelids but don’t worry. This is tidied up by blending later on into the bottom and over the top of your brown-bone with Booty-Call or Foxy. So don’t be disheartened by messiness; everything is fixed by blending.


Step 5 & 6: Despite these steps looking super subtle once done, Busted and Blackout give your eyes that added pop after application. If you want to be a little more heavy-handed in this step then by all means do so, however I prefer my lash line to be popped with eyeliner rather than lined with shadow. Don’t fear if you think this step looks “too pointy” on your lash line (giving a sort-of shadow for your eyeliner to follow) you can always skip or continually blend to get rid of the harsh lines.


Now Step 7 I’m going to leave until the end which I’ll show you in a mo, but right now I’m showing you the next step I done when going for this look. Once I’d completed steps 5 & 6 I thought the look was still too subtle and light for my liking (at this point my completed shadow look is pictured above) and so I repeated all of the steps all over again to darken up the entire look. This is how it looked once I’d done this part, and in all honesty I adored how it looked after my heavy-handed repetition. Don’t forget!!! When you’re repeating steps in order to darken your look, this is completely fine so long as you remember to continually blend and blow any excess shadow from your brush before you apply – just incase you apply too much first go – you can always add more again!


Once I was happy with my shadow I went ahead and applied my eyeliner. Now, eyeliner I have been wearing for app. 5/6 years, since I was about 12/13 so I’m pretty used to the disasters that can happen when applying it, and I know which looks I like and those I don’t. I tend to go for what I call a “cat wing” when applying eyeshadow too, which is a basic wing thicker and pointier at the end like a typical cat-liner look. Remember to use your tape as a template for this too!


Now because I have blonde roots on my eyelashes, I colour these in with liquid eyeliner before curling my lashes and applying mascara; you don’t have to do this, and there are simpler ways to rid of your lighter lash roots, but this is the way that works best for me. So once you’ve applied your mascara to the top set of lashes, you can remove your tape from your face and clean up any excess shadow with a soft wipe. Remember to clean underneath your eyes as well; many forget about this part but it’s super important; especially because you haven’t applied foundation yet and you don’t want any fallen shadow to smudge and blend horribly when you do.


Once you’ve done this you can go ahead and apply your foundation; do your eyebrows and contour if you so wish. Do every other part of your makeup before coming back to your eyes to complete Step 7. Now normally I don’t apply shadow to the bottom lid; mainly because I have absolutely no clue on the proper way to do it, but also because I normally prefer a nice clean look to the bottoms of my eyes due to the bad dark circles I have there. But with this look I thought I’d give it a go, and I think it looks quite cute after application. It really brightened the colour of my eyes I think, as usually my eyes are a super dark brown/black, but here you can see they’re a little lighter, brought out by the sparkling shadow beneath my eye.


All in all I really do recommend this look. I think it’s quick, easy and super cute; suitable for those liquid lunches or first dates you’ve been wondering about for a while. If you haven’t tried this look, I suggest you give it a go. Maybe even switch up the colours to suit your outfit or the colour of your hair / eyes. If you give this look a go, let me know how you get on. I’m curious to know if there’s any part of this process I got a bit wrong or could improve upon.

So I really hope I’ve helped you work out a look or a no-go for this weekend. Have a wonderful time whatever you’re doing.
Much love, B xo

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