Style It Saturday ♡ Jeans & Heels

Yo beauties!

I hope you’re all having a smashing Saturday!

Today I’m going to be telling you about the outfit I’m going to be wearing tonight. Firstly though, let me explain about my makeup look, which is going to be a remodel of the tutorial I posted this afternoon here. Tomorrow on Ssh Sunday I’ll be posting pictures from my makeup and full outfit from tonight so don’t forget to check that out here.
Now I don’t know about you ladies, but whenever my friends and I are arranging to go out, I get so excited when it comes to outfit, hair, makeup and tan prepping. I love planning the outfits and accessories. However what I hate is when my friends decide they’re going to “go casual” in jeans and heels instead. I mean c’mon dolls it’s Saturday night; town will be jumping with gorgeous ladies in fancy frocks and high heels!
Nevertheless, it can’t always be a formal Saturday and so there does come a weekend where you agree to go with the majority and party in jeans and heels.
And so this Saturday is that weekend for me.
Tonight I’m wearing my new black high waisted skinny jeans I bought for a tenner from Primark. Along with my grey jewelled crop-top I bought over a year ago in the New Look sale; paired with grey/blue chunky heeled sandals from New Look and a jewelled clutch/shoulder bag from Primark.


What’s your best jeans-and-heels outfit? 

Have an excellent weekend whatever your plans!
Much love, B xo


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