Boots Haul 💝 Smooth Care Wax Strips Review

And so we’re here, my beauties, at the long awaited for review of the Boots Smooth Care Wax Strips.

These little babies have been rated (by me of course) at a measly 1.5/5. I am super unimpressed by these items.
This post is short and sweet because I’m so disheartened by these buys. I bought them not too long ago in the middle of September along with my Boots Haul, and I can honestly say I shouldn’t have bothered.
I’ve tried the “Washable Warm Wax Roll On” twice now, and it has literally done nothing. Absolutely nada. I didn’t see one blind bit of difference when I used this product. So right away this is rated 0/5.
As for the “Facial Wax Strips” well they’re not too bad. If you’re going to get yourself waxed at the beauticians but you really need your tache free for a day then I suggest these wax strips as they’re good for temporarily removing hair for a short time, but literally, the hair just sprouts back the day after! I rate this product 1.5/5.
I am so unbeliveably unimpressed with these items. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s sheer bad luck on my part or just a severe lacking of good quality products in the market; but any waxing products I seem to buy – they just don’t work!

What wax products do you use?
Please let me know; help a gal out!
Much love, B xo


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