Fashion Friday ♥︎ What’s In My Bag?

Heyyyy my beauties! ♥︎

It’s so good to be back, and today’s article is going to be a belter, I swear! 

The article at hand today is detailing what’s in my bag. Now, these are essentials I have never left my house without in the past 5 or 6 years – when I started maturing and taking organisation to a whole new level. Not only that, but it’s going to be detailing what’s in my uni bag.

I love the thought of sharing this with you, as I believe that everyone should be organised as it makes life so so much easier; ensures everyone gets the best out of a day and isn’t constantly stressing before or during!
Must Haves
  • Hand sanitiser – for those germy loos / tables and sticky situations you’d rather avoid
  • Tissues – because who knows when you might hit the sniffles?
  • Wipes – for when hand sanitiser and tissues just won’t do the job!
  • A nail file – for when those darn nails crack and split and you’re left caught on everything you touch
  • Emergency kit – every female should have one of these; to avoid unwanted (or unplanned) visits from Mother Nature
  • Pain killers – because a headache can be really damaging at the best of times, let alone when you’re caught out.
  • Make up bag – with only the essentials; concealer, lip balm, eye liner, lippie, mascara?, powder.
  • Plasters – because i have a tendency of wearing shoes that hate my feet.
  • An umbrella – because idk about you but I’d rather avoid any wet spells thank you.
  • Deodrant – to avoid any smelly situations
Uni Essentials
  • A notebook for each class that day – (e.g. On Mondays I have 2: 1 for philosophy and 1 for sociology)
  • 2 pens – 1 blue which I use to write everything and 1 red to highlight important parts
  • A mini notepad / diary – to detail important deadlines or reminders
  • A bottle of water – because why wouldn’t you keep yourself hydrated while you work???
  • A cereal bar – this is just obvious now
  • The above aforementioned essentials ^
  • A mini bottle of perfume – to keep me smelling (and hopefully feeling) like my usual self
  • A coloured block of post-its – just incase red pen and a mini notepad/diary isn’t reminding me enough
  • My reading glasses – because I’d really like to be able to actually see the notes I’m supposed to be making
So what are your uni / everyday essentials? 
Let me know if this article has inspired you to be a little more organised!
Much love, B xo

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