Fiducia Friday ♥︎ Chapter Eight

8. Where The Laws Lie

Scarlett’s POV

I awoke on Monday morning with a smile on my face, which was usual since dinner at Zac’s on Friday.

Alex had remained out for the entire evening, thankfully, which meant we were able to eat in peace. We watched a movie – which basically consisted of making out a few times and talking through the ending – and after chatting like a couple of school-girls again, Zac took me home and kissed me good night on my front porch, making me feel like I was a character right out of a typical American-coming-of-age-novel.

But today I was also a little nervous, as it was the day of my call-back audition. This time I’d have Zac there with me for the entire day, as he’d opted to go for backstage crew so he could blag a pep-talk whenever he wanted – or as he’d so politely put it, shove his tongue down my throat to keep me from freaking out.

But that didn’t keep the butterflies at bay, especially as Hollie was over ten minutes late to pick me up.

“I’m sorry! My curling iron broke!” She gasped as I hurried down the path and threw my bags in the trunk.

“You. Are. A nightmare!” I panted, throwing myself into shotgun.

“I know I know! I should’ve called, I’m sorry!”
“Yeah, you should’ve. I mean, are you aware that today is call-backs day?!”

“Yes I’m aware. Of course I’m aware! Why do you think I’m late, I’m so aware!”

I groaned but shook my head and took deep breaths.

“We can do this, Hol, we can. We can do this.” I said, more to convince myself than to convince her.
“Whose idea was this anyway? My heart can’t take much more!” She insisted, turning into the school parking lot.

“You’re kidding me right now, Hol, for real?” She laughed but I wasn’t kidding.

“Hey!” She said suddenly, reaching out to slap my chest. “I almost forgot, how was dinner on Friday?” I looked at her pointedly.

“Yeah cause I totally didn’t tell you everything on the phone on Saturday, right?” She smirked but waggled her eyebrows, turning into a parking space.

“Well I dunno, sometimes in the heat of the moment you get so excited, you miss things out and then later on you remember.”

“Well this isn’t one of those times, believe me,” I shook my head and whistled, fanning my face dramatically as I loosened my belt, making her laugh. “But seriously that boy can cook.” I told her as we climbed out of the car.

“Don’t you mean man, cause hot damn.” She whistled while we both walked to the trunk to get our bags.

I followed her eye-line and all-but gasped as I saw him leaning against his motorcycle, laughing with Percy.

In the early sunshine his eyes were sparkling, even from here, and his dimples were just-about visible beneath all that facial hair he’d told me he wasn’t going to remove. I told him I was indifferent to his facial hair when really, it drove me insane. In all the right ways of course.

“Wow girl, you are one lucky bitch.” Hollie laughed, slamming my bags against my arm to withdraw me from my thoughts.

“Tell me about it girl, wow.” I said, shaking my head to clear it.

We were both giggling like kids when Percy and Zac approached, Zac’s husky voice asking,

“What’re you two beautiful ladies laughing about, huh?” I turned to him as Hollie closed the trunk and I could tell it took Zac a while to register all the makeup on my face this morning.

Believe me, honey, when I’d looked in the mirror, I was shocked too.

“Nervous giggles, that’s all sweet-cheeks.” Hollie explained, passing a couple of her bags to Percy.

“So are you two ready to smash it today then?” Percy asked, slinging an arm around Hollie’s shoulder as we all made our way towards the main building. Zac took my bags from my hands without any form of communication between us, and even slid his hand into mine a little sheepishly as we walked.

“Ready is a strong word, Percy.” I said calmly and they all chuckled.

“Ready is something we’ll probably never be, but something we’re willing to try anyway.” Hollie decided on and I looked at her in shock.

“Wow Hol, that was deep.” I nodded and again they all chuckled.

Zac’s POV

I remembered all too clearly how amazing Scarlett had looked for her audition, but somehow today she looked even better.

Her hair was curled a little tighter and less frizzier than what it had been before. Half of it was tied back with a black silk scarf and the rest was hanging down in bouncingly tight curls. Her face was a complete work of art with smokier shadow and shadier cheeks than usual. Right now she was wearing a simple baggy striped jumper, tight jeans and chucks but I couldn’t wait to see what she’d look like in her 80’s outfit.

I was a little disinterested in what Percy and Hollie had to say and what they were talking about as we entered the main building, and so I dropped back behind them, walking a little slower next to Scarlett.

Her bags weren’t the slightest bit heavy in my right hand, and my left was laced in her own. I wondered if she’d wear her cute black lace gloves like the ones she’d worn in her first audition.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her quietly as we followed close behind her friends.

“Nervous,” She admitted with a nod. “But excited. I can’t wait for this all to be over so we can find out if we’re in or not.” She explained and I nodded my head, squeezing her hand before throwing my arm around her shoulder and pressing a kiss to the side of her forehead.

“There’s not a doubt in my mind that you’re going to do amazingly.”

We all headed down into the theatre and immediately went backstage where the other call-backs were preparing. Unfortunately the call-backs weren’t like the auditions when everyone had an audition piece and a time. For the call-backs they took everyone alphabetically and told each individual what song to perform immediately before they were due on stage.

Backstage was buzzing; packed with everyone laughing and panicking together. It was kind of nice to be back here; not that I would dare admit that to any one in my family of course.

“Are you prepared for your songs?” I asked Scarlett as she and Hollie chose a quiet corner and Percy went off in search of some chairs.

“As prepared as I can be. I have lyrics sheets and stuff, but the only Whitney songs they can ask me to sing, I already kind of know anyway.”

“Kind of?” I smirked and she blushed, fanning her face dramatically.

“Please don’t!” She gushed before laughing. “I’m nervous enough as it is. I’m only hoping it doesn’t go disastrously.”

“It won’t, mia cara, where’s your positivity gone?” I asked, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her close.

“It’s in here… somewhere… it’s just currently a little dormant.” She smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“So tell me, when’re you going to change into that cute little outfit of yours?”

“Oh you thought that outfit was cute?” Hollie piped up from behind Scarlett and we both peered around to see her properly, sitting on a stack of boxes, swinging her legs. “You should see this outfit. So eighties and so cute.” She winked at Scarlett who turned back to me, blushing severely.

“Oh really?” I smirked; one side of my mouth pulling up further than the other.

“Uh-huh.” Hollie hummed before laughing wickedly.

“Honestly, it’s nothing special.” Scarlett said through her teeth; her blush radiating off of her in waves of heat.

I chuckled and pulled her tighter to me.

“I know a lie when I see one, Lett.” I said quietly so Hollie wouldn’t hear and Scarlett blushed even deeper.

Scarlett’s POV

It was nice to just chill out with Hollie, Percy and Zac, just the four of us laughing and joking around backstage without the pressures of classes or partying or sports. Don’t get me wrong, the nerves were pretty much there the whole time, but it helped having us altogether to distract me.

Roughly half-way through the day Hollie and I headed off for the female ‘dressing room’ which was literally an empty storage closet half the size of a classroom at the back of the ‘backstage area’. I mean it was clear our school was on a budget, but it was cosy and it gave everything a little bit of character.

This, I liked. But Hollie was quite the snob and complained the whole time we spent fixing our hair and makeup and getting changed. The other girls giggled at her expressions and ‘mhmmed’ and ‘aahed’ as she did make quite a few valid points about health and safety and funny fuses.

“C’mon Hol, let’s go.” I laughed, steering her out of the room by her elbow, my heels clacking on the concrete floor as we made our way back out into the open area backstage.

Heads turned as we laughed at her snobby words and I blushed as I realised this, dipping my head and pulling the dressing room door closed behind me.

Wolf whistles cannoned around us as we made our way through everyone towards the back corner where we’d been standing; and Hollie lapped it all up while I smiled and blushed and kept my head down.

“Wowee,” Percy whistled. “Check you out, hot damn!” He cheered as Hollie approached he and Zac first.

I cleared my throat awkwardly and dropped my bag down by my others, self-consciously fixing the black shirt that was tied around my waist before Zac abruptly grabbed me around my waist and yanked me to him, growling in my ear as he kissed the skin there.

“You look fucking amazing, bambino.“… click here to read more.

Much love, B xo


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