Hello Autumn 💟

And so it’s here!

(Well it has been for a couple weeks now, but due to my tardiness I haven’t posted a blog about it yet)

I don’t know about you, but I love Autumn. The golden leaves coating the ground; the smell of the crisp sharp air around you; the darker mornings and nights; the promise of winter and the hint of halloween. Ahh I love it! 
My birthday is in November, so as soon as October hits and the Summer begins to fade, I get super excited for Halloween and Guy Fawkes and my birthday. You can just smell it in the air, can’t you? 
So, it’s time to dig the woollen jumpers and oversized sweaters out of the closet girls, dig out those cute scarves and find your favourite pair of gloves because from now on it’s going to get chilly.
One of my favourite fashion times is Autumn. I love the woollen cuteness of the colder weather – but I don’t particularly like the trickiness of trying to find that perfect ‘going out’ outfit, as you have to take the cold temperatures into consideration. I also don’t particularly love the fact that you can no longer pop to the shops without a jacket or jumper or coat; you always have to wrap up warm – unless you want pneumonia.
Unfortunately, where I’m from don’t really celebrate Halloween all that much; which is heartbreaking and super sad for me. My ultimate goal is to live somewhere where the entire neighbourhood go all out for Halloween and decorate their houses; dress up in the best fancy-dress costume they can come up with, and have a truly creepy time. I love the thought of that, I think the whole idea of Halloween is magical and it’s so foreign to me that we don’t celebrate it as much as other places.
When I was little my parents used to have a house party every Halloween. My momma would dress up; she’d get me the creepiest and best Halloween costume she could and she’d invite around a few of her friends and our neighbours and I’d bring a couple of my friends too. We’d play games to win creepy prizes; she’d play a soundtrack with creepy sound-effects in the background and she’d decorate every room in the house (apart from her bedroom of course). Where I live there’s mostly elderly people so growing up as a kid I never went trick-or-treating which was sad. My first trick-or-treating experience was when I was 13 and I went to my friend’s Halloween party with her family. It was a good time, but most people ignored us at the door and so her mom gave us the remaining sweets left over from the party to make up for our losses.
It’s quite sad really, because every year I’ll come up with a Halloween outfit – just in case somebody I know has a party which I’ll need an outfit for. Last year I dressed as a Police officer and my friend and I went out to a club. She was a robber and so I used my handcuffs to make sure we never got separated. There were around 40% of the club dressed in costumes too, so we weren’t the only ones.
This year I wanted to dig out my old Shadowhunter costume and maybe get some new fake Rune tattoos – either that or tweak that outfit a little to match that of the Black Widow’s. I love the whole head-to-toe in black tight-faux-leather badassery. Next year I plan on moving onto my university’s campus and I’ll make damn sure that we throw the best Halloween party the University has ever seen. I’ll decorate the entire flat; I’ll get my momma’s old decorations and soundtracks and ‘borrow’ her party-game ideas and I’ll supply uno amounts of booze. I have an entire year to come out with a badass outfit – and make uno amounts of friends to invite to this wonderful party – and that’ll be the start of my Halloween-celebratory-lifestyle.
If I had my way, I’d decorate the house in Halloween decorations for every day of October. But I highly doubt my momma would be up for fake cobwebs and ghost portraits hanging all over the house, so I suppose I’ll just have to wait until I have my own flat to do that.
Anyway, what’s your Halloween costume like this year?
What’s your favourite season?
Do you have any Autumn tips to keep fashionably warm this cooler weather?

Much love, B xo


4 thoughts on “Hello Autumn 💟

    1. Thank you so much! I know it’s so unfair, everywhere should celebrate Halloween as a national holiday, it’s a time for expressing yourself and in some cultures / religions is the best time to connect with loved ones no longer with us. Thank you for your comment hun! xo

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