Fiducia Friday ♥︎ Chapter Ten

The Unnecessary Kind of Jealousy

Zac’s POV

I looked from Scarlett to the blonde in the doorway and marginally narrowed my eyes.

I was still slightly high so I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d imagined the Australian accent, or if she’d just called Scarlett ‘cuz’. But I was fairly certain Scarlett was trembling with rage as she turned back to the counter, knocking me off balance and making me sway.

She gulped back half the fucking vodka in her glass before turning back to the girl in the doorway.

“I have never, nor will I ever, find myself capable of missing you, Lisa,” Her voice was drenched in cold-blooded-hatred and her face was a mask of venom.

She took my hand into her own and pulled me by her side, again almost knocking me off-balance.

In the hallway behind the girl we were facing I could see Lee and Bryan lighting up on the front door-step and wanted to yell at them not to; Scarlett would see them from here and she’d be able to tell that’s what was wrong with me. If she found out she’d kick me out after well and truly kicking my ass sober.

“Go home, I don’t want nor need you here.” Scarlett added in a monotone before dragging me out of the kitchen.

As I predicted she spied the guys in the doorway and made a bee-line for them, slugging back the rest of her vodka and handing me the empty glass which I set down on the floor stupidly as she tried to worm her way through the people in the doorway.

“Outta the way!” She slurred impatiently and Lee chuckled and whistled at her impatience. “Wow is that a cigarette, yep, thank you.” She snatched the blunt out of Lee’s hand and before any of us could do anything she was smoking it.

“Uh Scarlett… That’s not a cigarette…” Bryan said slowly and carefully from opposite her and she nodded, handing it back to Lee while blowing smoke out.

“I know, that’s the point.” She said and I frowned in confusion; looking from Lett to Bryan to Lee before looking over my shoulder back inside the house.

“What the fuck’s going on?” I asked as Lee passed the blunt back to her when she gestured for it.

“That bitch,” She said, nodding inside the house as she pulled on the blunt. “Is my whore of a cousin,” She passed the blunt to Bryan and shook her head, leaning on her other hip and wriggling her bare toes into the grass, clearly trying to keep them warm as the cold night-air bit at our vulnerable skin.

“She’s an Australian model and she’s a fucking troublemaker,” Lee’s ears practically perked up and it was as though a lightbulb appeared above his head. He straightened up and adorned a smirk just before pushing off to head back inside the house.

I slapped a hand against his chest, nodding to Scarlett to halt him.

He turned to look at her before realising her expression was deadly serious.

“How bad?” I asked and she shook her head, rubbing her upper-arms and breathing out a cloud of air despite no longer puffing the blunt which Bryan was passing to me now.

“She got Andy kicked out of the cadets when we were younger by messing around with one of his friends. Her neighbour lost his job, wife and then his house after she made up false allegations that he was seducing her two years ago. And at every opportunity she gets, she comes here, demands my parents take an entire week out of their clinic to spend ‘family time’ with her, and of course, they do it. Because their niece is more precious than their son and fucking daughter put together!”

I turned around, puffing on the blunt as I tried to peer through the people to see her.

“You sure they were false?” Lee asked and Scarlett looked at him with angry eyes.

“He was a high school professor who had twin daughters at three years old, Lee. He wouldn’t have gone near Lisa with a white stick if he had it! She just wreaks of trouble and money and illness. She spreads disaster everywhere she go-” Scarlett hadn’t even finished her sentence before she was cut off with glass smashing followed by a loud-pitched scream.

We all jolted forwards but Scarlett was smaller and quicker and managed to worm her way through the people before us.

“Hollie!” She panicked before immediately hissing as she stood on broken glass.

“Oops, what a clutz.” The Australian cousin sneered and I shoved through everyone into the doorway, Lee shouting into the living room to cut the music.

Lying on the floor in the front hallway was Hollie; her leg badly slashed with the glass tumbler I’d idiotically sat down on the floor before heading outside. Now Scarlett was balanced on one foot, trying to pluck a chunk of glass from the sole.

“Leave it!” I gushed, throwing my arms out to steady her before she fell.

“I’m sorry!” Brianna blurted, appearing in the living room doorway with Alex. “I really didn’t know.” She shook her head in confusion and I shrugged, shaking my head too. She was telling the truth; there’s no way she wouldn’t have warned us of this.

“And who do we have here?” Lisa turned to me just as I was asking Hollie if she was okay. Percy and Bryan helped her to her feet so we could take her into the kitchen to clear her up.

“I know first aid, I can fix it.” Brianna nodded her head and Lee cleared everyone out of the kitchen and living room; beginning to usher people out of the house.

“None of your damn business.” Scarlett snapped as I completely ignored the blonde and helped Scarlett into the kitchen next to Hollie.

“That’s rude. Do your parents know you have a significantly older boyfriend?” The blonde persisted and we both ignored her.

I lifted Lett onto the counter and observed her foot.

“I’m so sorry, bambino, this is my fault. I shouldn’t have put that glass on the floor, I wasn’t thinking.”

“You mean that was you?” Percy turned to me, enraged and shocked.

“Percy…” Hollie said in a warning tone before hissing and swearing as Brianna doused her wound in whiskey.

“Dude I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to smash or for anyone to get hurt.” I apologised sincerely.

“Bullshit, look at you, you’re so fucking stoned you can’t even tell me what fucking year it is.” He roughly shoved my shoulders and instantly I sobered up; the girls demanding that we stop it as I squared up to him defensively.

“Now, now, now, I think we should calm this down, don’t you?” Suddenly the Australian blonde had slid in between Percy and I and we immediately jumped back, the pair of us hissing as a spark jolted in my chest like a miniature electric shock.

I looked down at the blonde in total surprise but she had her back to me and was staring Percy out.

Eventually he turned to nod at me and then turned back to kiss Hollie’s hand.

“What the fuck’s going on?” Bryan demanded and I looked at him with a shrug, turning back to Scarlett.

“Get the fuck out of my house, Lisa, I’m not going to tell you again.” She was saying.

“Uh-uh-uh, child, this isn’t your house.”
“I’m not a fucking child, don’t insult me.”
“Well don’t speak to me like that, Scarlett. After all, I did just save your boyfriend from something he’d regret.”
“What? Just so you can make him do you, something he’d also regret?”

Scarlett shook her head and pointed to the kitchen door.

“You have one minute to get your shit and get out of this house before I take this shard of glass out of my foot and ram it up your ass instead.”

Lisa carefully moved her sheet of hair over her shoulder, pursing her lips in a smug smile.

“I’ll be back, Scarlett. You do know that.” She bent to retrieve her designer weekend bag and yanked the handle on her suitcase, ever-so-slowly removing herself from the house and clicking the front door closed behind her.

“Fucking whore.” Hollie cursed under her breath and we all smirked. She was sweating and panting and writhing in pain and yet she still found the energy to curse her out.

“When all this is over I have to find a punch bag or something to hit cause I swear to God that girl boils my blood so fucking much.” Scarlett said through her teeth; pulling her fingers through her hair.

“Hey, hey, hey,” I said hurriedly, catching her hands and kissing them quickly. “Calm, bambino, it’s okay, she’s gone. Yeah?” Slowly she looked up at me and smiled, nodding her head.

“Yeah, she’s gone. But for how long?” She sighed and I smiled, pulling her against my chest and kissing the top of her head.

I couldn’t answer that; but what I could answer was the fact that I shared Scarlett’s feelings. That girl was no good egg at all.

Scarlett’s POV

Zac held my hand as Brianna cleaned up my foot once plucking the glass from the sole and he kissed my forehead when it was over; apologising in Italian over and over under his breath.

“Say that one more time I’ll bite your fucking tongue off.” I snapped irritably, rubbing my nose and grunting before sliding off of the counter.

“Hey who’s pissed on your parade?” Hollie asked, hopping off the counter after me, evidently feeling better after her intense make-out session with Percy followed by a swift down of straight vodka and several hiccups.

“Nobody just drop it, Hol.” I said, limping out into the hallway to double check Lisa had really gone.

“She’s not here, Scar.” Lee said matter-of-factly as he came back inside the house from the front yard.

“Yeah well, she’ll be back.” I huffed, limping back into the living room to find that Lee and Bryan had already moved most of the furniture back to it’s original positioning.

“Thought we’d help get things in order.” Bryan shrugged from the arm of the sofa and I grinned, hobbling over to him in my drunken stupor to give him a thankful hug, hobbling over to Lee to do the same.

“Oh-kay, so somebody’s still a little drunk and high.” Zac chuckled, taking me by the shoulders as I stumbled backwards from Lee’s tight grip, almost falling over my own feet.

“I knew you were high!” Hollie gushed upon hearing Zac’s words and I scowled up at him. “I mean dammit Scar, you know the rules,” I rolled my eyes and folded my arms. “Share and share alike or we tell.” She said with pursed lips and I huffed.

“Fine I’ll get you my cell-phone and you can call my parents just now, will I?” She narrowed her eyes marginally at me before tossing her mound of hair over her shoulder in defeat. “Thought so. Sorry,” I shrugged. “It was a kind of…” I looked at the three guys staring at me questioningly. “Spur… of the moment… kind of thing?” I shrugged and they all nodded.

“Yeah cause it was better us than Xavier.” Lee nodded in agreement and I frowned at him in confusion, Bryan reaching over the sofa to slap his chest angrily.

“Oh yeah, where is your brother anyway?” Hollie asked.

“Hopefully pissed off back to Italy by now.” Alex said, sauntering inside the room with a bottle of beer and Brianna.

“Yeah he’s been causing trouble lately, he’s safer in Italy.” Brianna agreed, plopping down next to her cousin.

“Trouble?” I echoed, feeling Zac’s arms wrap around his waist and a moment later his chin rested on my shoulder. “What kind of trouble?” I asked curiously and squealed as Zac fell back onto the armchair deliberately, chuckling as he obviously brought me with him.

“Just picking unnecessary fights and that kind of thing.” Bryan shrugged in reasoning.

“Nothing for you to be getting your pretty little head all worried over.” Lee said, sitting down on the other arm of the sofa Bryan was on.

“I’m sorry I ruined the party.” Hollie mused, sitting down on the other sofa with Percy and some more booze. I pouted, they didn’t even bring us some.

“You didn’t ruin the party.” Brianna insisted with a shake of her wonderful hair.

“Besides, it was getting a little crowded anyway.” Alex said quietly, unusually so for her.

“Yeah, this is better.” Zac agreed, tightening his grip around my waist for emphasis. I turned my head marginally so he would be able to see my smirk while the others changed the conversation.

“Hey,” I said, twisting on Zac’s lap as I remembered something from earlier. He arched an eyebrow up at me as I reached for his neck and plucked the chain out from his shirt. “I wondered what this was,” I smiled as I ever-so-carefully held the necklace in my hand, observing the stunning oval carved locket. It was small, maybe about the same size as Zac’s thumb-print. But it was gorgeous; intricately carved and detailed. “Wow,” I whispered in total awe. “This is gorgeous, Zac,” I smiled. “Why haven’t you worn it before?” I asked and he shrugged nonchalantly.

“I’m supposed to wear it all the time but..” ……..

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Much love, B xo


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