Hello from the other side

Hello my sweet beauties!

I am terribly sorry it’s been so long – everything has been uber crazy these past couple of months.

First of all: I got the job! Second of all: it sucks. 

I’m joking, the job is great but my boss? Meeeh not so much. It’s difficult to get days off for studying in regards to uni when my boss wants me working all the hours in the day in order to organise sales / stock for christmas etc.

But fear not! I’ve changed my contract and I’m now finished at uni for the holidays and so this means I’ll get to write more.

My upcoming posts will obviously include:
– Christmas Wish List
– The Perfect Present
– What To Get Your Someone Special
– My Christmas Look

I’m super excited to make these posts for you all as well as update my Fiducia book. I’ve recently updated my fanfiction Lies over on my Wattpad account, so if you can’t wait for my next post then I strongly suggest you check that out on my Bekah-x wattpad account.

Toodaloo for now my beauties,
Much love, B xo



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