Wish For It Wednesday – Christmas Edition ❤️

Hello world!

I know i’ve been pretty absent from everyone’s lives this winter and that sucks ass. But fear not, for i am back and today i am back with a bang. Welcome to my #WishForItWednesday Christmas Wish List.

Have you been naughty or nice this year, or will we have to let Santa decide?

Well, regardless as to how you’ve behaved; everyone wants something, right?

So this month is no exception, despite the fact that it was my birthday last month and literally everything i wished for in regards to both my bday and xmas, i got then, i’m a little stuck for things to wish for now.

However, every gal needs something, and this month is definitely no different.

Let’s start off with the marvellous Ruby Rose, because why the hell not?? This girl is the bee’s knees; i love her and she’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations, full stop. Since her tees launched I’ve wanted her black tee with the white image of her face, however they’re now sold out. Drat it. But i’m hoping that amongst the magic of Christmas, somehow this will change???

In addition i absolutely adore the St Moriz tanning t-shirts, i think they’re superb! For a while now I’ve been struggling to find the perfect fake tan due to my sensitive skin. The tan I use is No7’s mousse which I love, but I have to keep this on overnight for me to get the perfect colour, and this means trying to find old clothes which I don’t mind getting stained. Rather than doing this, St Moriz have made fake-tan t-shirts for us to wear while our tan dries rather than laying naked for hours or ruining our clothes. Personally I love the “Sorry I Can’t Be Social Tonight – I’m Busy Tanning” shirt as I think it’s completely suited to me. You can buy these for £8 from hothousedirect.com and £3.50 delivery = bargain!

For my Christmas night out I went to a salon to have my makeup done for me. I absolutely loved the final look I achieved, and adored the makeup used! This has inspired me to search into new makeup, and in all honesty I’m a little flustered with the whole thing. Buuuut, I’ve sort-of considered the Illamasqua Hydra Veil primer, the reviews are amazing and sorely tempting! The price-tag however – not so tempting at a whopping £32!

So what are your final year wishes?
All the best,
Much love, B xo


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