It Can Happen to Anyone

My Beauties,

I never thought I’d have to write a post like this, but there we have it. It’s ironic, the fact that I have been absent from this blog for so long, and now I’m returning with the heartbreaking news that I have.

This isn’t something that any girl thinks will happen to her; of course not; it isn’t something we like to think about, for reasons plainly obvious. But, I would have thought I’d have curled in bed for every second of every day and refuse to come out; drowning myself in tears and vomit. But, the way that I have been treated and the lack of official support I am receiving is making me determined to come out and show the world that we are not changing. We are not a society dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of our women.

It is disgusting, degrading and repulsive that in today’s society there is more support for the suspect/defendant/perpetrator than what there is for the victim. I dare you to show me how we have improved, where we have improved and why we haven’t improved more than what we have. Politicians, police officials and the media claim that we’re moving forward to become a “contemporary” society, an “equal” society, and yet, when a woman is sexually assaulted she is left abandoned for days with no port of call, no contact, no information, nothing.

To those of you wonderful beauties who are sensitive to the thought of sexual assault in any form, I recommend that you unsubscribe and unfollow me as from here on in, my story, my campaign, my supporters and my results, will be a regular update on my page for all to see; this is something that cannot be buried and cannot be ignored anymore.

I’d like you all to know that I love you; I love your support, your dedication and your beauty and I want you to know that nobody has the authority, permission, or audacity to take that away from you. You are you, you are unique, and nobody will ever, nor can they ever, change that.

To follow my story, and my journey through sexual assault, please follow my blog:


B xo



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