My Daily Skin-Care Routine

My Everyday Skin-Care Routine

Hello my beauties!

In the past I’ve shared some of my favourite moisturising products, but I’ve never actually explained what my daily skin-care routine actually is.

In the mornings when I wake up; as soon as I open my eyes I cannot wait to wash my face and feel all fresh and awake. I wash my face with cold water and just a little tad of soap. Nothing fancy, just whatever soap (liquid or bar) my mum has that week (or month or whatever). I pat my face dry and then I immediately moisturise with Origins Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser.


In the past I’ve used loads of moisturisers, but Origins is by far the crème-de-la-crème. I use this product immediately after I wash my face, any number of times throughout the day. Whether it be in the mornings; after I’ve taken my makeup off; before I put my makeup on; before I go to bed, you name it. If I’ve washed my face, then I use this product. I’m unsure why I love it so much; maybe it’s the amazing smell or the texture, or maybe it’s because it keeps my skin in good condition. For example, if I run out of this moisturiser and don’t buy another right away (it’s quite pricey) which means I go a number of days without it, my skin starts to flare up.

What I mean by this is I get a number of spots and my skin goes even redder than usual. Basically – this is a must buy product.

That’s sort-of it for my daily skin-care routine. But definitely not it for my skin-care routine period.

When I’m in the shower (or bath obviously) the products I use are as follows:

A month ago I realised my hair was becoming extremely flat and dry and boring. I decided to buy a volumising shampoo and low-and-behold, the “Kind Natured” range was on offer in Boots. So I decided to give it a try and wow, was it the best decision I’ve ever made! This shampoo not only smells amazing, but works wonders too. It really makes a difference – so long as you ensure to thoroughly rinse it out of your hair. If you don’t, it can leave your hair looking relatively greasy and un-washed. So remember to rinse for a good 10-15mins.

Also I use Nivea cream shower oil – this keeps my skin hydrated and smelling amazing! As well as ASDA’s own raspberry body scrub. This smells incredible – no wonder it has a “do not eat” warning on the bottle – and feels great on my skin, leaving my entire body feeling smooth and rejuvenated!

When I come out of the shower / bath I always always moisturise. I use my Origins moisturiser on my face, followed by Bio Oil on my dry-skin parts and either E45 or Aveeno moisturising oil on the rest of my body. Or, on special occasions I like to use the Lush “Dream Cream” for hands and body.

It’s so so important to keep yourself moisturised. Not only will you look amazing, but you’ll feel it too!

That’s it for my daily skin-care routine. Buuut if you should like to find out my makeup skin-care routine, stay tuned, or just click here.

Thanks so much beauties!
B, xo



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