Makeup Skin-Care Routine

Makeup Skin-Care Routine

Hello my beauties!

Now from the title of this post, you may be wondering what on earth you’re about to read.

Fear not, it may look confusing, but it’s actually quite a simple post.

In my daily skin-care routine post I faffed on a lot about the Origins Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser. I’m kicking off this post by explaining that every time I wash my face, I use this product. Especially if I’m about to apply makeup.


Now, I don’t know about you makeup lovers out there, but when it comes to removing makeup I always dread the mere thought of it. I’ve spent (basically) hours perfecting (or at least trying to) my face into a wonderful makeup masterpiece and now comes the time to sit down and take it all off. Sigh.

Well, I have the products that make this heart breaking task that little less dreadful.

When I was fourteen I really started getting into makeup. The second (but technically the first as beforehand was just a bundle of games and guesswork) makeup brand I fell in love with was No7. I remember going to the counter and complaining to the MUA that my skin was horribly dry and irritable and I needed a foundation that would help – fast. She asked me how I removed my makeup and when I told her I used basic face-wipes she laughed. Laughed. That day was the first day of the rest of my makeup-loving-life.


This little baby is the No7 gentle cleanser lotion. Basically what you do is you pump a drop onto a cotton pad (cotton balls tend to fall apart and not work as effectively) and just wipe your makeup off. I know, this might sound a little terrible to begin with but trust me you get used to it and it’s so so so much better than using wipes which simply clog your pores and dry up your skin!


So I use this cleanser to remove my foundation / contour / face makeup and then I use the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover which is magic for removing eye makeup. Seriously; there’s no fuss, no muss, no nothing. Just shake and pour onto a cotton pad and wipe across your eyes and voila! I also use this to remove my eyebrow makeup as Dipbrow can be so infuriating to remove. I then run the No7 Cleanser over my eyes and eyebrows to be doubly sure all is gone.


Now, here comes the contradiction. I then use a face-wipe to quickly wipe over my face and eyes – wiping again at my eyebrows to ensure all Dipbrow is gone and then I gently rub my eyelashes in order to remove my extremely stubborn mascara. I wipe underneath my eyes to get rid of any excess eye-makeup and then I toss the wipe to the side – done!

But here’s the important part – I wash my face with cool water and a teensy weensy bit of soap. This is so important as you don’t want the cleanser to clog your pores like the wipes used to. Always make sure you wash your face with soap and water after removing your makeup – it’s a must! I then moisturise and voila once more!

Now, every week (once a week, definitely no more as I don’t like to leave my skin vulnerable and no less as I love to keep my face as clean and as fresh as possible) I love to exfoliate my face. I know, that sounds insane. And dangerous. And painful. But fear not – all is not what is seems! 


This is the No7 Beautiful Cleansing Brush and by God does it do magical things! You simply put 6 blobs of the No7 Cleansing lotion onto your dry face (one blob on each of the following places: Forehead, chin, nose, left cheek, right cheek, upper lip) and then dampen the brush-head slightly (and I mean slightly) and then put to your desired speed. There’s 2 speeds: slow and fast. I tend to prefer the brush going a little faster as it gets rid of more dead-skin. 

You simply move the brush around all areas of your face avoiding your eyes of course and then once you’re finished you wash your face with luke-warm water (NO SOAP!) and pat dry before moisturising. Of course afterwards you wash the brush-head with soap and water and leave to dry. This amazing baby gets rid of all dead-skin on your face and the results afterwards are incredible! Literally your face glows with amazing softness and cleanness (is that even a word?) and your face feels as smooth as a baby’s bum!

What’s your skin-care routine for removing makeup?

Do you have any secret tips?

Until next time beauties!
B xo


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