Festival Beauty

Hello my beauties!

If you’ve been staying tuned, you’ll know that over the weekend I made a post detailing my favourite festival fashion; including my outfit for my upcoming festival TITP. 

If you haven’t seen that post, then I suggest you check it out.

This post however is detailing my festival beauty looks. Detailing the ideal hair style and makeup looks.

Now, for a while now I’ve been wanting to learn how to french plait. I’m super curious to know how my mid-length thick hair would look in french plaits, and so I’ve been trying to learn how to do it. Unfortunately I’m really struggling to do it to myself, and so when I go to have my dead-ends trimmed and my hair thinned a little for T, I’m going to ask my hairdresser to french plait my hair in order for me to see if I’d suit the look or not.

If, I decide I don’t think the look is for me, then instead I’m going to go to T with my hair ruffled and messy (but straightened rather than curly because who’s hair is going to hold curls for the entire day?) so that if it rains and dries up again, frizz will be totally fine because my hair will be messy anyway.

Because my hair is mid-length; I think messy hair is the ideal style for a festival. I don’t recommend curls; because like I said, who’s going to be able to keep perfect curls for the entire festival day? 

If you have long hair, I don’t recommend curls or messiness, as either is going to fall out anyway. I’d recommend instead going straight or plaited. My first festival I had long hair down to my bum, and I left my hair straight. When it rained really badly and refused to dry up again, I simply tossed my hair into a bobble and rocked the damp-wet-dog-gone-junkie look.

Now for my favourite part. MAKE UP.

This year I wanted to go different. Not quite NYX-face-awards different, but something inspiring at least.

I decided to purchase NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner in Petal along with Sleek’s Dip It Eyeliner in Steel

NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in Petal, £5.50 from Boots    &
Sleek Dip It Glitter Eyeliner in Steel, £4.99 from Boots

I wasn’t sure which look I was going to go for, and searched for inspiration online for a couple weeks before trying anything out.

It was a tough call; and I’m still swithering between these 2 eyeliner looks. But, I’m leaning more towards the black cat-eye with the tad of pink highlight. I think that one looks super cute; still really close to my usual eye-liner style however (which is slightly disappointing) it still has that little festival twist I suppose. 

I decided to do a heavy contour using my No7 under-eye concealer in shade 70 and I highlighted using my Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette with colour “High”. I’ve never used eyeshadow to highlight before; but I absolutely adore the result I gained from taking that step and being bold. I also done a basic eyeshadow using pink toned shades such as “Combust” from Naked Smoky and “Buzz” from Naked 3. I only use Urban Decay palettes, but if you’d like anymore posts on my usual types of makeup, please comment and I’ll do a post super soon 🙂 

I also decided to use my brown eyebrow pencil which I haven’t used in forever to highlight my freckles which tend not to show over my foundation 😦 I didn’t try very hard, but I made an attempt to find my original freckles and lightly pencil over them in order to make them stand out a bit more and give me that original festival look. I suppose I’ll try a little harder to make them really stand out on the day.

So, which eyeliner look do you prefer? 
Will you be trying out any new makeup looks for your festival?
What’s your go-to makeup products?

Until next time,
Much love, B xo


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