The Three Colour Rule!!!

When I was a baby my mum was obsessed with the outfits that I wore. As was my dad; but my mum was seriously obsessive.

I had a carrot; apple; strawberry and banana outfit. Basically I dressed in orange; green; red; and of course yellow.

Don’t get me wrong, these outfits were insanely adorable and not embarrassing at all. (No that is not sarcasm I am being deadly serious – I was an extremely cute baby and often wonder where that cuteness has disappeared to.) But I often wonder if my parents’ obsession with my outfits is why I’m so OCD with my colours now.

When I was between the ages of say 8-12 I didn’t really care much about what I wore. But then I hit the teens and it was as though I was waking up; especially when I reached 14 and realised that this whole time I’d been embarrassing Future Me and had to desperately do something about my wardrobe choices.

Hello three colour rule.

It was as though I was waking up and just discovering the sun, because suddenly I became obsessively organised over my clothing choices. I wouldn’t wear any more than 3 colours. (Black and white are seen as “neutral” or “base” colours and so don’t count in the three colour rule – especially not black.) So, for example, if I was wearing denim jeans; because they’re blue I could only wear (for example) a pink t-shirt and a purple handbag. I would not wear with those colours green [or any other colour besides black & white] shoes. This became a massive problem in my life. I would obsess over colours in bags and shoes and accessories and match them perfectly with my outfits. I would arrange outfits every night for the following day; even if I wasn’t planning on going anywhere, but just incase I had a last-minute change-of-plans and had to prepare something. Because it took time to ensure I wasn’t wearing any more than 3 colours. And it cost a pretty penny, let me tell you.

So, when I started to head into the latter half of my teens I began to notice how much this was affecting my life. You may think I’m exaggerating but please believe me; the three colour rule which I made up of my own accord was really taking over everything. My friends began to adopt the rule too; but only when they knew they’d be around me for fear of me being uncomfortable. It genuinely triggered a discomfort in me when the people I was with wore more than 3 colours. I’d feel nervy and itchy and completely on-edge, and so to appease me and the situation my friends adopted my outlook too.

As I turned seventeen I really noticed how bad it was getting and realised there was absolutely no way it could continue.

Like before; it was as though I was waking up and realising the sun was yellow or grass was green. It was like someone had slapped me in the face and told me to stop being stupid.

And so I slowly introduced more than 3 colours into my outfit. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t walk around looking like a human example of the rainbow or anything, but I wasn’t so obsessed and nervy as before.

I still only really wear a maximum of 5 colours; as in my opinion that’s the fashionably acceptable number of colours to wear; unless you’re wearing a festival kimono or something deliberately bright and colourful for summertime or a humorous Christmas jumper or something.

However still sometimes my friends will comment on their outfit choices and jibe that they dressed with me in mind; keeping to a strict number of colours. And yes that sometimes makes me feel a little guilty for making them feel as though they had to change their wardrobe choices for me. But it really got that bad, and please don’t think for a second that I wanted it to be so strict and controlling; not for a second.

But for a time I really do believe I had a serious Anxiety problem, and I’m relieved to be out the other end of it. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little vulnerable I like to be strict with my outfit colours however I am so thrilled to announced that the strict days of the three colour rule are well and truly over!

B xo

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