Welcome ♡

Hello 🙂

Welcome to my blog, BYounique. Obviously as in “be unique”.

I’m B, that’s the initial of my nickname, Bekah, but my full name is Rebekah which nobody ever calls me.

Truth be told I can’t even tell you what you’ll find on this blog – I’m a little uncertain myself. The main goal I have is to deliver plenty of fashion posts. But there’ll probably be a few political or debatable posts every now and again too.

To tell you a little bit about myself I’m a 19y/o psychology student from Scotland, UK. I’m sarcastic, evidently hilarious and 100% friendly. I’m a HUGE fan of Criminal Minds , Agent’s of SHIELD, Peaky Blinders, Suits and most Marvel / some DC movies. I’m into psych jargon and some sociology/philosophy stuff too. But mostly I like clothes and food, and sometimes books and tattoos.

Drop me a message if you ever feel the need to talk to somebody.

I also do some self promo so:

Wattpad: bekah-x

Twitter: bekahpollockx

Tumblr: the-only-queen-b

Instagram: bekahpollock

Enjoy my blog and don’t forget to always be yourself.

Much love, B xo

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